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Antique Flooring A Gift From The Past

Superior HardwoodLet your floors communicate the mysteries of bygone times…antique material crafted into timeless, memorable flooring…listen to the whispering of days gone by. Echoes of the past – fine ladies riding in stagecoaches, gunslingers ready to draw, facing each other in the dusty mean streets of a pioneer town. Days when the west was wild, the sound of the ringing hammer and anvil from the blacksmith shop reached all ears in town, bustling saloons and the cowboys reigned supreme. The fabric of our heritage weaved with grit, determination and resolve, sewn with blood, sweat and tears. Keep the thread of our American legacy alive. Antique and reclaimed hardwood flooring is not only a physical link to our past, but an heirloom to live on for many generations to come.

From magnificent barns, factories, mines, bridges and long ago abandoned buildings come the souvenirs or our past written in wood. Reflecting the battle scars of a previous life – nail holes, knots, insect borings, splits, checks and saw marks all come together in a dramatic fashion to create truly unique flooring weathered to warm, aged, mellow tones speaking of the past.

A truly custom floor can be yours – from width to length to surface – Completely natural old surface, rich and rugged with character. A unique distressed surface achieved bylightly planing the old surface to allow a sparkle of the original wood opulent yet rustic to shine through. Another option is a remilled surface, fully exposing the original species of the wood, showcasing all the striking inner beauty aged to perfection.

Not only is there a vast selection of species available in reclaimed hardwood flooring there are several species that are NOT available in new material. American chestnut almost lost in the blight of 1905 is one of them as well as American elm which was wiped out by Dutch elm disease. Whether you fancy a beautiful warm, golden heart pine, or a distinctive wear resistant, noble oak, or even a rare, interesting classic like chestnut – the choice is yours.

Antique wood is the ultimate “green” choice and most reclaimed wood is of higher quality than anything on the market today. Recycling wood helps reduce material destined for waste disposal, it also renews the age old beauty to the wood reclaimed from buildings that have outlived their usefulness, and recycling (salvaging) these buried treasures gives another generation a chance to enjoy these gifts from the past.

Let Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana help you reconnect and rediscover a long ago era by guiding you through the woods. Make your floor a tribute to American history, achieve an added dimension to your home with a strong, distinctive, appealing, eco-friendly and ageless beautiful antique floor.