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Coal Dust Wall Paneling


Our Coal Dust wall paneling provides an opportunity to relive the progress made possible by the Industrial Revolution. This gray reclaimed wall paneling is milled from lumber sourced from a decommissioned train tunnel in the Pacific Northwest.



The Tillamoook Train Tunnel in Oregon. Read more about the origin below.



  • Thickness: All of our Coal Dust reclaimed paneling is 1/2 inch thick with a rough-cut surface.
  • Size: Coal Dust panels are 12 to 48 inches long and 4 to 11 inches wide.
  • Finish: This reclaimed wall paneling still has the same natural finish from the early 1900s.
  • Color: This series of accent wall paneling comes in varying hues of gray with black highlights.
  • Pricing: Square foot pricing for Coal Dust paneling is $8.15, ask about volume or professional discounts.

Accent Wall Paneling With a Rich History

Nestled deep in the woods between Portland and the Oregon coast, you can still find stretches of unused railroad tracks dating back over 100 years. While these tracks are overgrown with holly, ferns and thick Northwestern brush today, they once provided a lifeline between the coastal communities and trade destinations in the bigger cities. Local businesses that previously relied on wagons or shipping traffic up the treacherous Columbia river for transportation could now move their goods faster and more efficiently, helping them grow, thrive and prosper.

The rail line was initially commissioned by the Pacific Railway and Navigation Company and completed in 1911. In 1916, Southern Pacific Railroad purchased the line and gave it a new name — the Tillamook Branch Line. While much of Oregon remains covered in dense forests, lumber sources were more abundant a century ago. The people who built the Tillamook Branch Line had access to old-growth trees dating back to a time before Columbus and the discovery of the New World.

The lumber they used stood the test of time, and today, it has another purpose. While communities in Oregon may have lost this historical connection to their rugged past, we've given this wood a second life as beautiful accent wall paneling that will complement virtually any home decor.

Attractive Reclaimed Wall Paneling From Old Tunnels

While most lengths of track suffered prolonged exposure to the wet Oregon climate, these panels are from trestles taken from a train tunnel. Train tunnels are an excellent source for reclaimed wall paneling, and boards made using this lumber are increasingly hard to find. The Tillamook train tunnel protected this lumber for years, shielding it from moisture. The tunnel also trapped smoke from passing locomotive engines, which blacked the boards, creating a truly unique appearance and a story you can appreciate and share.

These reclaimed wall panels are perfect for creating one-of-a-kind accent walls or wrapping an entire room.

Order Coal Dust Reclaimed Paneling While Supplies Last

The Tillamook line was only 101 miles long, and accent wall paneling made from this high-quality lumber is in limited supply. To order Coal Dust gray reclaimed wall paneling or get a quote, reach out to us today by sending us a message online.