Homesteader Fir Reclaimed Flooring


Homesteader fir reclaimed flooring is antique beauty at its finest. This reclaimed softwood flooring for sale is prefinished and made from lumber rescued from buildings dating back well before the 1900s. These planks are long, wide and available in the same dimensions as the day they were produced over a century ago.


  • Thickness: All Homesteader fir wide-plank wood flooring is 3/4-inch thick.
    Size: These boards measure 2 and 12 feet long and are as wide as the open frontier with 3- to 12-inch widths.
    Appearance: This reclaimed softwood flooring has a flat profile and is smooth to the touch. Pre-finished for ease of installation.
    Tones: These planks have rich, aged tones that range from light honey to deep caramel brown.
    Pricing: Contact us for pricing.

18th- and 19th-Century Reclaimed Softwood Flooring

Before the 1900s, the United States was a different place. People still traveled on horseback, and the railroad was expanding fast and driving more people west in search of their fortune. Following the promise of free land, a chance for work or the thought of striking it rich, enterprising pioneers quickly spread across the countryside. In those times, most trees stood much taller than those you see today — providing a ready source of building materials and larger pieces of lumber.

These massive planks were used to build everything from barns and homes to city halls and even factories. For over a hundred years, time passed, but these wooden structures stood still and became iconic pieces of the landscape. If you were fortunate enough to come across one, you could step inside and smell the wood, hear your footsteps echo across the floors and imagine yourself standing there 150 years ago.

While built to last, these buildings eventually came down. Rather than lose this connection to the past, this magnificent lumber was rescued and repurposed it into our Homesteader fir reclaimed flooring. This reclaimed softwood flooring for sale is 100% authentic and will give any room a classic and unmistakably historic appearance. This process is only possible through aging and meticulous deconstruction, and the result is something truly unique.

Authentic Reclaimed Flooring With an Old-World Look

Wood wears its history, and this wide-plank softwood flooring has natural checking and attractive nail holes that give it extra character. Fir has a brown heartwood and tan sapwood, but time makes them both darker and more vibrant to create the warm, welcoming feeling you get when you surround yourself with authentic antique wood. Homesteader fir reclaimed flooring has a molecular bonding finish applied to enhance its natural features and protect against moisture and damage.

Learn More About This Reclaimed Softwood Flooring for Sale

Our Homesteader fir reclaimed flooring looks beautiful in almost every style home, and we ship across the country. Please send us a message to get more information about our Homesteader fir or other reclaimed hardwood or softwood flooring for sale.