September 1, 2015

Antique Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Sweet Grass Frontier Fir Reclaimed Flooring

Sweet Grass Frontier Fir Reclaimed Flooring

At the turn of the century on the great western frontier, Douglas Fir was king. Greatly desired for its beauty and durability, this species was used in most frontier and turn of the century homes. Great timber stands dotted the west as pioneers migrated in covered wagons as excitement grew in anticipation of new homes and towns yet to be built. Our Sweet Grass Frontier Fir is a splendid tribute to those early pioneers. It is with great pride that we bring this historical floor into modern homes.

Sweet Grass Frontier Fir features historic characteristics with medium brown to red tones complemented by occasional black streaking and glorious deep brown knots, nail holes, and antique checking. Spectacular reclaimed old growth fir completes the overall look of this truly custom floor reminiscent of days gone by.

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Antique Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood Flooring for Your Home

Do you want to bring the look and feel of the pioneer days into your home? We offer reclaimed antique Douglas Fir flooring that will give your home the distinctive look you desire. Pay homage to the past with this special wood, which has been preserved with all of its history and natural appeal.

Our reclaimed wood enjoyed a first life on the American frontier. We give it a second life as part of your unique home design. Instead of being forgotten or discarded, this Douglas Fir can be the sturdy base for your family’s activities. Whether you’re sitting around the fire playing a board game or sprawled out on the floor reading a good book, you’ll love feeling that nostalgic connection to the past.

In addition to feeding your desire to honor your history, our reclaimed woods provide:

  • Old Growth Grain: Standing the test of time, dry, stable and denser than newer grown fir.
  • Attractive style: Naturally elegant- this fir is a classic choice that people will be sure to compliment.
  • Sustainability: Adding reclaimed wood and putting history in every home is the ultimate green eco-friendly choice there is.

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For anyone who values the past and believes in our American ideals, reusing the wood lived upon by our forefathers is a wonderful tribute. Make an investment in your home by adding antique flooring to your rooms.