September 2, 2015

Red Oak Select Wood Flooring

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Red Oak Select (Better) Flooring

Red Oak Select

Red Oak is one of the most popular types of wood floors. It has a natural reddish hue with “Northern” red oak being more uniform in color than oak coming from other regions. The red oak select and better grades will have consistent coloring throughout the floor with very little color variation. Red oak takes stain colors exceptionally well.

Grade Description
This grade of red oak has slight color variation produced by the different contrasts of natural heartwood and sapwood. It may feature the occasional pin knot and minimal brown streaking. This is a “traditional” hardwood floor offering a consistent, yet elegant, color and makes a wonderful canvas for almost any type of décor.

Face Widths: 2-1/4″, 3-1/4″
Thickness: ¾”
Finish: Unfinished
Profile: Solid
Hardness rating: 1290