September 8, 2015

Big Sky White Pine Unfinished Flooring

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Big Sky White Pine Unfinished Flooring

Big Sky White Pine Unfinished Flooring

Endless skies and incredible sunsets are two of the most amazing characteristics of Big Sky Country Montana. Our Big Sky White Pine has a similar, natural beauty. Our nation’s pioneers used this virgin timber for its exceptional board length and width. By nature a softer wood, white Pine will reflect the natural patterns of daily life.

Our white Pine flooring is a variegated amber wood with touches of dark brown, white Pine ages beautifully to a nutty pumpkin color. Why not make this amazing floor a part of your personal history? When you buy our old-growth white Pine flooring, you pay homage to the pioneers who came before. Those settlers helped imbue our country with values such as sturdiness and dependability, and that’s what you’ll find in our flooring.

You will enjoy the varied look of our old-growth white Pine flooring, which is unfinished to give it an authentic, distressed appearance. It’s easy to imagine the trees that produced this hearty Pine. They stood on ridges and mountaintops where you probably see beautiful views today. Make this part of the past a piece of your home’s future.

Why Purchase Our Old-Growth White Pine Flooring for Sale?

A connection to the past may be one reason you’d consider buying our wide-plank flooring. We also offer other practical benefits for choosing our products.

We use the best-quality materials. We know our customers hold us in high esteem, and we want to keep that goodwill. We choose only wood that will stand the test of time because we know you need to depend on your floors through the daily wear and tear life throws at them.

We also offer an enjoyable and easy experience for our customers. Our knowledgeable staff will happily answer your questions. We are a family-owned company, and we treat our employees with the same warmth and caring they’ll treat you with.

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Contact us to receive a quote on your new white Pine flooring today. We will talk with you about all your options and help you get ready for your new floors. Let Us Guide You Through The Woods! $4.95 per square foot. (Call for bulk pricing.)

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Price per Square Foot: $4.95
Face Widths: 8″-13″
Lengths: 6′-16′
Thickness: ¾”
Finish: Unfinished
Profile: Solid