September 1, 2015

Natural Walnut Flooring

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Walnut Natural Hardwood Flooring

Walnut Natural Hardwood Flooring

Walnut is usually dark brown in color, although the sapwood may be nearly white to tan. Walnut is an elegant wood with deep tones and is highly sought. To add refined elegance and incomparable beauty to any home, this is the floor of choice. Walnut is 20% softer than red oak.

Grade Description
This grade of walnut will contain prominent color variation between the very light sapwood and the dark heartwood. It may also contain small solid knots. It makes a spectacular floor – distinguished, yet casual, and upscale feel. This grade of walnut is specifically designed for over-the-top elegance. The floor provides more character than a select grade floor but maintains exceptional character and quality. For more information, please visit:

Face Widths: 3″, 4″, 5″
Thickness: ¾”
Finish: Unfinished
Profile: Solid
Hardness rating: 1010