Saw Cut Beams


“As Is” also know as saw-cut beams originated from barns, factories and warehouses established in the 1700’s and 1800’s.  These timbers are genuinely as nature left them.  Each are weathered to different degrees depending on exposure and elements. Individually achieving their own patina, a testament to the journey through time, perpetually appealing in their unrefined state. 


18th- and 19th-century barns from the American frontier


  • Wood species: We have fir and pine reclaimed beams available.
  • Available sizes: These beams come in lengths ranging from 5 to 35 feet — sometimes longer — with beam widths ranging between 6 to 23 inches.
  • Wood finish: Natually achieved patina
  • Special features: Saw-Cut timbers can be either rough or S4S, they will have some nail or bolt holes, checking and color variation.

Reclaimed Beams From Old Barns

Before settlers pushed West, the American landscape was mostly covered in dense forests filled with old-growth trees more magnificent than most you see today. Settlers cleared these forests for farmland and used the lumber to build their barns, homesteads and outbuildings using simple tools and the frontier spirit. Their work passed the test of time. Before they risked demolition in the name of progress, these barns withstood everything nature had to offer and came out looking all the better.

Common Places Our Reclaimed Beams Are Used

Reclaimed beams are suitable for use inside your home or on the exterior. Saw-cut beams are meant to be seen, with common applications including:

  • Reclaimed interior beams: Saw-cut beams make excellent exposed interior-support beams and trusses. You can also use our saw-cut beams to create a stunning fireplace mantle, as part of an accent wall or as one-of-a-kind lumber to build a custom piece of furniture. With so many sizes and species available, the applications for reclaimed interior beams are only limited by your imagination.
  • Reclaimed exterior beams: These beams spent over 150 years under constant exposure to the elements and are much more stable than new wood. If you want to use them as part of your home's exterior, you can be confident they will last for many more years. Reclaimed exterior beams will set your home apart and are often used to create custom awnings, pergolas, patio furniture and anything you want to have an eye-catching natural-wood accent. 

Request an Estimate for Reclaimed Beams

Most of our reclaimed beams are square or rectangular, with height and width deviations around 2 inches. Our saw-cut beams are free from nails and hardware, but otherwise, look the same as when they came down from the barn. 

If you want to add the stylistic touch of reclaimed beams to your home, Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®. Contact us today to request a personalized estimate.