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With such a growing emphasis on modern, efficient designs, many homeowners and designers have sought rustic touches that bring out more character in various spaces.

If you're one of those people, achieve your look while reusing and recycling valuable pieces of antique/reclaimed lumber. Sourced from a variety of locations, these unique materials tell a tale written in wood. This wood was generally first used in structures from the turn of the century and the quality of the wood exceeds the highest standards for durability and appearance.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana has supplied the most exceptional antique and reclaimed lumber for years, as we maintain a stock that covers more than 11 acres. We're confident we have the exact pieces you need for your project!

What Is Antique Reclaimed Lumber?

Some old buildings like barns, factories, mines, bridges and long ago abandoned buildings stand tall for more than 100 years before falling into disrepair. Eventually, they decay to the point where they're no longer viable as free-standing frameworks, but before this happens their bones and shells can be repurposed into useful, eco-friendly lumber with character and beauty.

Antique lumber comes from these places, and we recycle the sustainable lumber and craft it into molding, paneling, siding and flooring. In our inventory we carry a multitude of sizes and species of lumber, such as:

  • Corral Board
  • Grainery
  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Heart Pine
  • Redwood
  • Pickled Fir
  • Oak
  • Chestnut
  • Maple
  • Elm
  • Poplar


Reclaimed Lumber Specifications

You'll find a variety of sizes of reclaimed lumber, the most common thickness is 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, the widths will vary from 4" all the way up to 16", although we have some wider lumber exceeding 16" is less common. We do offer custom cuts to achieve the sizes that will work best for your project, we also offer other services like poly brush, wire brush or sand the surfaces of the boards to create lumber genuinely unique.

Common Projects Completed With Antique Reclaimed Lumber

You'll find what you need in our eco-friendly inventory for several common projects, which include:

  • Flooring: One of the most common uses of antique reclaimed lumber is with flooring. We offer custom tongue and groove options for all flooring project needs. The flooring options created also work well as wall and ceiling coverings.
  • Accent Walls and Paneling: Reclaimed wall paneling is a hit in interior design right now. Left at its natural color, reclaimed wall paneling can give a rustic yet timeless look with no maintenance requirements. Painted white or "whitewashed", the paneling can give a modern look that interior designers have been incorporating into kitchen islands and accent walls lately. Whether you want to make rustic your focal point or create some tasteful contrast inside a contemporary home, a reclaimed accent wall offers a delightful charm that will leave every house guest impressed with your attention to detail.
  • Siding: Reclaimed barn wood gives the exterior of your house a look unmatched by new lumber and increases curb appeal. It is also more stable and you don't need to be a slave to maintain the glorious patina it has natural come by.
  • Dining Room Tables: When you gather your family for cozy, homecooked meals in your dining area, you'll want it to feel welcoming, unique and indicative of your tastes. As the room's focal point, a table made from antique lumber injects immediate character and attractiveness into any room. You can tailor older woods to synergize with various styles.
  • Doors: One of the hottest trends in the interior design industry due to its popularization on notable TV shows, sliding barn doors serve as interesting dividers for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. Using reclaimed wood with character allows you to create a unique take on this popular stylistic choice without seeming too contrived.
  • Beams: Incorporating reclaimed beams into a room instantly adds visual lines to the room and enhances the historic feel of the home. You can also create the antique beam "look" by wrapping existing beams with 1X lumber creating an exterior shell over the drab unappealing glu-lam, the look is so genuine no one will ever know that the beams are "faux".
  • Furniture: DIY projects are taking over and with that comes DIY headboards, coffee tables, cabinets, shelving and kitchen island tops. Antique reclaimed lumber is perfect for DIY projects and lends itself to many colors and textures, which means you are bound to find a style that matches your project needs.
  • Decking: Longevity is especially important when it comes to wood for decking. We carry quality decking boards cut from the finest timbers that last for generations. We carry highly sustainable and aesthetically pleasing varieties such as IPE, Tiger and Cumaru.
  • Hobby Projects: Exotic woods are often sought after for knife making, instrument making, wood carving and other hobbies. We encourage you to come to our facility to hand pick the wood for your hobby projects.

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Finding the right antique lumber can be difficult, so Let Us Guide You Through the Woods. Superior Hardwoods of Montana stands out with its ideal blend of quality inventory, elite customer service and excellent knowledge.

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Good selection of hardwoods and reasonable pricing. Staff is super friendly and helpfull and addresses any issues with product quickly and without hassle. Had a case hardened 8/4 cherry board recently that I only discovered after cutting into it. Brought it back not really sure what to expect as its not really their fault, left in under 20 mins with a replacement board to complete my project at no additional charge. Cant recomend them enough.