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Our specials change as our inventory changes. Below are our current specials for flooring, lumber and paneling.

Reclaimed Flooring

Sweet Grass Frontier Fir

Sale Price:

$4.50 for 4"-8" Wide

$5.50 for 8"-12" Wide


At the turn of the century on the great Western Frontier Douglas Fir was king. Greatly desired for its beauty and durability this specie was used in most frontier and colonial period homes. Countless timber stands dotted the west as pioneers migrated in their covered wagons. Excitement growing in anticipation of new homes and towns to be built. These building were built over 100 years ago when majestic barns graced the plains and hills all over America, now today the beams and lumber harvested from these beautiful structures live on. These old barns as well as warehouses, mills were built at the turn of the century with hard working hands, long hours of labor and enormous pride. Our Sweet Grass Frontier Fir is a smoothly splendid tribute to those amazing people. With great pride we bring this incredible floor back to this modern era.

Reclaimed Lumber

Bonner Tongue & Groove

Sale Price:

$7.95 / SF

*Discounts available if you buy the remaining quantity


The mining boom in Butte-Anaconda is a vital part of Montana history occurring in the late 1800’s. An era of the Copper Kings, Andrew B. Hammond, Marcus Daly, and William Clark. At the time of the boom there was also a railroad expansion which required vast amounts of lumber and timbers. A great portion was supplied by the Bonner-Milltown area. Bonner was where Hammond, founder of Montana Improvement Company, bought the land on the Blackfoot River. He secured a massive contract with the Northern Pacific Railroad to supply lumber and logs. It was on that piece of ground on the Blackfoot River that Hammond built a dam to keep the logs from floating down river. The dam had to be built twice due to the first flood out – the second dam was completed in 1886. The Bonner Mill was also completed in 1886 on 160 acres along the river. This was a large Mill and a town was built around it for the supervisors and skilled workers. In 1892 there was even a Hotel and flour mill built. In 1898 for a cool 1.5 million the mill was sold to the Anaconda Company owned by Marcus Daly. The Bonner Mill continued operations through many decades under different names and companies – once know as the Champion Mill and the Stimson Mill which ran it until the closure in 2008. The Mill stands today as an industrial park and employs many hard-working Montanans. The beautifully aged 2x6 T&G has been poly-brushed to let the patina and beauty to shine. This lumber has played a huge role in the history of Montana and would make a striking and meaningful addition to any building project.

Glacier Grainery

Sale Price:

$3.95/BF for 2x6

$4.95/BF for 2x8

$5.95/BF for 2x10


Glacier Grainery lumber is a beautiful reclaimed material with strong ties to our great American pioneer history. At the turn of the century not only did barns dot the landscape all over the fertile rolling hills of America, but personal and great commercial Granaries soon followed suit…These grain storage buildings were carefully constructed by face nailing 2x lumber together to create strong pest-resistant holding areas for the grain. The importance of these structures to the survival of the pioneers was historically significant. The precious grain harvested from the hard scrabble earth was paramount not only to the health and survival of the hard working farm animals, but also to the dairy cows which provided sustenance to the pioneer families, milk, cheese and even meat. Some of the priceless grain also afforded the flour which was a staple for the age-old households. Today many of these important structures have had the lumber reclaimed creating a new purpose for the beautifully aged boards. The unique patina and heavy nail pattern of this lumber will produce stunning siding, paneling, ceilings, and flooring. The time is now to partake in history repeated.

Reclaimed Paneling

Palouse Paneling

Sale Price:

$6.50 / SF


Our historic Palouse Paneling originates from the area of the Palouse Hills alongside the Palouse River in Washington. The Palouse colony established in October of 1883 made their home in this beautiful “Land of Milk and Honey”…Throngs of settlers arrived in Palouse to the welcoming embrace of the colony and with their guidance learned to survive their new life in a new land. The Palouse colony was a sanctuary for the new pioneers, all ages joyfully participated in the hard work of creating a successful settlement. Parents used old and medieval farming methods; children helped with the large herd of dairy cattle. In this fertile valley crops grew in abundance with grain being a staple for survival. Large granaries were nestled in the green hills around the valley constantly filled and emptied to feed the cattle herds. The endless use of these granary’s created unbelievable rough and rustic lumber stamped with the passage of time and trickles of grain running like rivers over the surface of the lumber. Superior Hardwoods has been blessed to have received the reclaimed lumber from one of these granaries which we have given a new re-purposed breath of life to. Hence comes our stunning rustic Palouse paneling.