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Finding old charm in a world that's increasingly cold and efficient — from architectural and design perspectives — has become difficult, but it's not impossible.

When you want to get away from neutral drywall and tile, you may want to consider architectural features crafted from recycled, eco-friendly wood. As a provider of several different beams and timbers, Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers some of the best reclaimed lumber in the industry. Select from our expansive inventory that covers more than 11 acres!

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What Are Antique Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers?

Barns, stables and other structures defined our architectural culture trends back in the 1700s and 1800s. They stood tall in the face of most weather conditions, and they brought distinctive looks that still hold up in the modern age. Many of these buildings have deteriorated as people abandoned them in favor of newer options, but we haven't forgotten their value. Hand Hewn Timbers were shaped by hand using an Adze. Most trees were dropped near the structure and shaped to the dimensions needed. Many of these structures still stand today.

Using the best remaining elements, we've taken a recycle-and-re purpose approach with these timbers. We've tried to keep them as close to their original condition as possible to evoke the remembrance of diligent dedicated craftsmen who fashioned beauty out of raw material, the addition to your home keeps the link to the historical past alive.

Using Reclaimed, Hand-Hewn Timbers on the Exterior

Reclaimed, hand-hewn timbers often fit as support beams for house awnings, which immediately establish the rustic charm that is highly prized in many homes. Utilize these wood pieces as siding, or create an attractive pergola that serves as the focal point of your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless.

Using Reclaimed, Hand-Hewn Timbers in the Interior

Hand-hewn timbers most frequently fit on the building's interior. You'll see them used as exposed trusses and support beams, fireplace mantles, accent walls and more.

What Are Antique "As Is" Saw-cut Beams?

If you prefer a cleaner appearance without having to sacrifice the practicality and history of reclaimed wood, we also carry saw-cut beams in multiple species. Either S4S or Rough these beams proudly display their aged patina like a badge of honor. They are naturally beautiful with out having to do anything to their surface.

Saw-cut beams came into existence after the invention of a saw mill and Hand Hewn beams then became obsolete in this new era. The method of sawing was originally circular sawn, but in a rapid succession band saws became available and were used during the same time period.

Using Reclaimed, Saw-Cut Beams on the Exterior

Many people opt for saw-cut beams due to how flexible these refined wood structural features are. They're popular in framing work, trusses, trims, support beams, awnings, siding and other embellishments. Thanks to their versatility, you can opt to go in practically any direction you'd like.

Using Reclaimed, Saw-Cut Beams in the Interior

Exposed beams are a widespread application for reclaimed, saw-cut beams. You'll also see them tied into stairs as treads, a more elegant version of a rustic mantle or sometimes re-sawn and used to accent and encase doorways. They are versatile and can enhance any décor.

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