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Modern building materials have expanded over the years to include vinyl, brick, concrete, stone and more, but there is nothing like the warmth of traditional wood.

When you utilize reclaimed, recycled wood for your siding and paneling projects, you'll bring some unique looks to your building while remaining eco-friendly — rustic yet refined, elegant yet sleek. Finding reliable providers for top-quality lumber can be difficult, but Superior Hardwoods of Montana will deliver your desired results each time.

We maintain an 11-acre stockyard that contains all sorts of available reclaimed wood, which means you'll have your pick of siding and paneling.

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Ghost Town Series Siding

Rocky Mountain Home

Rocky Mountain Series Paneling

What Is Antique Reclaimed Siding?

Some people might drive by a centuries-old barn and wonder: "Why hasn't that been torn down yet?" However, where some people see an eyesore, we see the potential for rebirth. Antique reclaimed comes from the exterior of barns, stables and other structures that are at least 75 years old, most of which are even older than that.

We reclaim as much of the siding as we can, and we classify our Ghost Town Series into three categories:

  • Virginia City Barnsiding: This choice takes on a faded, rugged charm with grey tones that fit into a range of styles.
  • Hewn Slab Siding: This is a typically thicker option that we carefully slab from beams to size specifications. It's ideal for an original hewn cabin look.
  • Ruby Gulch Faded Red: Capture the iconic barn look with siding panels that still hold some of their original red paint.

Common Projects Associated With Antique Reclaimed Siding

Siding is primarily used to encase the outside of buildings for a natural appearance. It's typically more for aesthetics, as energy-efficient materials usually go underneath the panels before installation. Using reclaimed siding can give any newer building the eternal feeling of comfort warmth and yet stunning with the historical defects accumulated from the passage of time.

What Is Antique Reclaimed Wall Paneling?

Similar to siding, our paneling comes from barns, industrial-age factories, blacksmith shops and other structures from a bygone era. Our reclaimed paneling inventory dates back to the 1800s and early 1900s, and is available in multiple colors, species and sizes.

We will cut individual boards to size, then package into bundles with each piece remaining unique and full of character. Select from multiple styles in our Rocky Mountain Series, including:

  • Calico wall paneling
  • Coal dust wall paneling
  • Corral board paneling
  • Five valley fir paneling
  • Flint Creek redwood paneling
  • Glacier grainery paneling

Common Projects Associated With Antique Reclaimed Paneling

"Shiplap", tongue and groove or just straight edge accent walls have become popular design elements inside modern homes. Don't settle for the "vanilla" common new materials used for accent walls make them stand out in the most stunning way with antique/reclaimed styles of paneling. Ceilings and walls look fantastic as well with our vintage paneling and create spaces to be proud of. The truly discerning consumer want the most organic earth friendly materials inside their home and there is no better fit than re-purposing antique building materials in you own space.

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With our expansive selection of antique reclaimed woods, you'll find a  precise fit with Superior Hardwoods of Montana! Let Us Guide You Through the Woods, as our customer service team will offer insightful knowledge and thoughtful advice to assist you at every turn.

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Good selection of hardwoods and reasonable pricing. Staff is super friendly and helpfull and addresses any issues with product quickly and without hassle. Had a case hardened 8/4 cherry board recently that I only discovered after cutting into it. Brought it back not really sure what to expect as its not really their fault, left in under 20 mins with a replacement board to complete my project at no additional charge. Cant recomend them enough.