Superior Hardwoods

Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Heirloom Series

Antique Oak flooring

Old Faithful Antique Oak

antique oak flooring

Buffalo Jump Antique Oak

geyser basin

Geyser Basin Oak

Our Heirloom series is authentic reclaimed wide plank flooring that has been pre-finished for easy and quick installation. We also have unfinished versions here if you're looking to add your own finish.

White Oak Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

White Oak Series

white oak select and better

White Oak Select & Better

white oak traditionally milled

White Oak Traditionally Milled

Not only is oak one of the most popular and versatile wood flooring options today, but it's also held the test of time as a timeless wood option. White oak flooring provides a perfect blend of cool and warm tones that pair with its surroundings without effort.

Mountain Grade Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Mountain Grade Series

mountain grade red oak

Mountain Grade Red Oak

mountain grade maple flooring

Mountain Grade Maple

ash prefinished flooring

Mountain Grade Ash

mountain grade hickory flooring

Mountain Grade Hickory

Designed to match an expansive range of styles and finished to give the perfect touch of warmth.  The mountain series showcases well in high end ski cabins as well as commercial buildings and lodges, but also has a versatile style that has been implemented in a wide range of home styles including craftsman, industrial and modern.


We Have More Pre-Finished Flooring Options

We have some of the largest lumber selections across the U.S.  Above are the top selling pre-finished flooring options we sell but our expansion is much broader than what is listed. You can view more pre-finished flooring options here, which include hardwood flooring for every design trend.


Dottie Misetic

I purchased a 4,400 sq. ft. home in West Covina, CA 18 months ago. It is a ranch style home and I wanted something different (and beautiful) to install on the floor. I looked on the internet and found SUperior Hardwoods of Montana. They guaranteed the milling would be perfect (which it was) and very little wood was unusable. The different colors of the wood and the nail holes were just what I wanted to enhance the ranch style theme. I had just enough left over to put this flooring in one of my small apts. my tenant just loves it. The price was excellent and the next house I live in will also have this same floor.


We Ship Nationwide

We ship hardwood flooring and other lumber options nationwide. Our wood is one of a kind and made from high quality wood that lends to an elegant finish. Our multiple lumber series allows for our flooring to be applied in nearly every interior design type, including rustic, modern, or french organic. Many of the reclaimed options are impossible to find elsewhere, and is harder to come by now as reclaimed and old wood become and bygone era. We take pride in the selection we provide, with acres of lumber to ensure we'll have what you're looking for, from flooring to lumber for cabinetry, mantels, and siding.