September 7, 2015

Ruby Gulch Faded Red – Reclaimed Wood Siding

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Ruby Gulch Faded Red Reclaimed Siding

Ruby Gulch Faded Red Reclaimed Siding

Years ago, red barns dotted the countryside and served as a wonderful reminder of our national heritage of farming the land. These farmers worked hard, raising cattle, growing corn and bailing hay to keep our nation warm and well-fed. We have always been in awe of these small-town heroes.

Over the years, as our nation has become more urban, those antique barns have slowly disappeared. We won’t let their legacy be forgotten. Superior Hardwoods of Montana preserves that rich national history by reclaiming the wood from those old barns for use as siding on your home, as a nostalgic throwback to old times and a reminder to honor our nation’s history.

If you want a distinctive look for your home, consider adding Ruby Gulch faded red siding. Made from reclaimed red barnwood, this material has a rustic, classic feel that can transform even the plainest of homes into a design marvel. We offer a variety of colors and hues so you can find the right option for your home, no matter your surroundings or existing outdoor style.

What Is Reclaimed Red Barnwood Siding?

This siding is made from wood that’s been reclaimed from barns. We have many widths, lengths and multiple shades of red from greyish red to a bolder darker red. This allows you to find just the right look for your house. After we recover the wood, we cut it to your specifications – whether you want wide, thick or thin siding.

Why Buy Antique Reclaimed Red Barnwood Siding?

We know how important it is to foster connections with the past in order to improve the future. Our country’s distinctive country farms were a valuable part of that history and are worth preserving. From our reclaimed wood, you can almost hear the history of eras long gone. We invite you to open your ears to the echoes of the past that ring from our reclaimed barnwood.

Our company is devoted to preserving history, and with that in mind we also offer antique red barnwood siding for sale as a way to protect the environment. When you use reclaimed materials to build or enhance your home, you’re reusing items that would otherwise be discarded. That helps to strengthen recycling efforts and helps to reduce waste. It’s another way we can use the past to look out for the future.

Choose From Our Many Siding Options

We incorporate a range of colors in your antique barnwood siding order. We have deep reds, more weathered colors and plenty of lighter tones. The colors depend on:

  • How many coats the wood received when it was originally painted. On a sweltering day, a young lad on the farm may have spent hours applying several coats to preserve its shine.
  • What type of weather it has been exposed to. Imagine the snow and rain that must have pelted down on the farm.
  • How long ago the wood was painted. It may have been decades or even centuries ago that a hard-working farmer painted his first family home.

No matter what shade you want for your home, we can assist you in finding the best fit. We will seek out the perfect match for your home or work on our existing material to make it fit your specifications.

Contact Us for Prices on Red Barnwood Siding for Sale

Let Us Guide You Through the Woods. With a stunning yet mellow array of reds and weathered characteristics, Ruby Gulch brings the past to your home. Contact us today for additional information and to get a quote for your siding needs.

Widths: 6″-12″
Lengths: 6′-12′
Thickness: 11/16″-7/8″