September 29, 2017

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Paneling

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Superior Hardwoods of Montana is pleased to introduce our paneling options for those of you looking to add a rustic and sophisticated look to your home. Our one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood paneling for walls is sourced from lumber rescued from majestic old barns, era-important factories, livery stables, blacksmith shops and other structures from a bygone age. Our reclaimed wood wall paneling dates back from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, providing a unique look that brings warmth and comfort wherever displayed.

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Paneling for Walls

There’s value in knowing you’re choosing a product that celebrates and preserves the past while also helping to conserve vital natural resources. Since 1977, Superior Hardwoods of Montana has been a pioneering force in the green movement and are committed to sustainable practices. We’re proud to offer the ultimate “green” wood paneling that’s been lovingly repurposed with no harmful impact on the environment.

One-of-a-Kind Reclaimed Wall Paneling

Reclaimed Calico Paneling from Superior Hardwoods

Some of our new line of rustic reclaimed wood paneling is “limited edition” paneling sourced from remarkable specialized building projects. The one-of-a-kind wood planks are perfect for someone searching for an exclusive design element that beautifies your home and adds character and sophistication. Delight in the fact the walls of your living room, kitchen, den, bedroom or dining room are part of a history to be admired and respected by your family, friends and neighbors.

Choose Superior Hardwoods Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling for Your Projects

When you’re looking for wood flooring and paneling for walls, Superior Hardwoods of Montana is the source to trust with more than 40 years of industry experience. Whether you’re building a new home or planning a residential or commercial remodel, our high-quality reclaimed wood paneling and reclaimed wood products provide a rustic elegance you’re going to love. We offer an array of options to choose from to meet your project specifications and aesthetic design.

It’s our goal to help you find reclaimed wood paneling for walls that make your home healthier and more valuable and leave you 100% satisfied. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to review the sizes we have available, the limited-edition options and starting prices so you can make the most informed purchasing decision. We’re always available to provide ongoing customer service and helpful installation tips to help Guide You Through the Woods.

Don’t get lost endlessly searching the internet for gorgeous reclaimed wood wall paneling from a reliable source. Let us guide you through the woods! Contact Superior Hardwoods of Montana by giving us a call at (406) 251-2272 or filling out our online form for more information!