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Rocky Mountain Series

Superior Hardwoods of Montana is pleased to introduce our paneling options for those of you looking to add a rustic and sophisticated look to your home.

Our one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood paneling for walls is sourced from lumber rescued from majestic old barns, era-important factories, livery stables, blacksmith shops and other structures from a bygone age. Our reclaimed wall paneling dates back from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, providing a unique look that brings warmth and comfort wherever displayed.

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Rocky Mountain Series Reclaimed Paneling

Our Rocky Mountain series reclaimed wall paneling boasts the same rugged character as the mountains that define much of the Montana landscape. This lumber has a unique look you can only achieve with time and the wear that comes with the kind of hard work that drove westward expansion into Montana and beyond. With so much range, antique barn wood paneling and other shiplap paneling is ideal for use in a luxury home or a business of any type, adding warm, vibrant, attractive features anyone can enjoy.

Reclaimed wall paneling comes from sources over a hundred years in the making. Due to popular building trends during the Victorian era and surrounding years, most of our collections feature antique fir, pine, oak or redwood lumber. Each style follows a pattern, but the individual boards are unique thanks to their ranging tones and textures. Since pieces are rescued from barns and structures of all sizes, Rocky Mountain Series reclaimed accent wall paneling lengths may vary.

The Rocky Mountain Series features several collections.

  • Calico Wall Paneling
  • Corral Board Paneling
  • Five Valley Fir Paneling
  • Flint Creek Redwood Paneling
  • Glacier Grainery Paneling
  • Transform Your Space With Reclaimed Wall Paneling

Transform Your Space With Reclaimed Wall Paneling

If these walls could talk... Reclaimed paneling brings history to life with centuries-old boards, transforming any room into an attractive showcase full of rustic charm. Whether you incorporate reclaimed wall paneling into an accent wall or a complete room, these boards deliver a rugged-but-refined look.

Reclaimed wall paneling boasts "beauty marks" that make the panels genuinely unique and breathtaking. Nail and small knot holes, cracks and voids allow reclaimed panels to tell a story. Their story isn't just the tale of the people who made them decades ago. It's a story you'll share with this country's ancestors — and one you'll perpetuate for generations to come when you add reclaimed paneling to your home or commercial space.

Antique wood paneling can be used for more than just walls. Reclaimed accent wall paneling creates a distinctive look, one-of-a-kind feel, and is perfect for highlighting other furniture, such as a bar, reception area, built-in trophy case or bookshelves.

Reclaimed Wall Paneling from Superior Hardwoods of Montana

Just like the majestic Rockies, our Rocky Mountain Series of reclaimed wall paneling boasts captivating colors, awe-inspiring complexions and unsurpassed character. If you want to transform a space in your home or business, Let us Guide You Through the Woods®. We'll lead you to a result that will resonate for a lifetime and beyond.

Founded in 1977, Superior Hardwoods of Montana has more than 40 years of experience with reclaimed paneling. We're 100% committed to repurposing materials into attractive reclaimed accent wall paneling perfect for rustic settings, modern environments and every space in between.

We invite you to look through our gorgeous selection of reclaimed wall paneling. For more information or to get pricing on a particular style, request a quote online or give us a call at (406) 235-7452.