August 17, 2015

Reclaimed Lumber

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Over 100 years ago majestic barns graced the plains and hills all over America. Today, reclaimed beams and lumber harvested from these beautiful structures live on. These old barns, warehouses, mills, sheds, and fences were built at the turn of the century with hard-working hands, long hours of labor, and enormous pride.

Imagine a man and his horse clearing the hard dry earth in the beating sun falling and dragging old growth timbers, fashioning beams and lumber out of logs using only hand tools and determination, leaving echoes of his American spirit in every tool and hewn mark on every piece of wood he touched.

Today we can use hand hewn timbers, rugged barn siding and corral board, aged barnwood, and softwood timbers to share a story from the past in modern homes and structures. Our reclaimed lumber and beams tell a story with all the visual elements to convey their history — from old nail holes, cracks and checking, to the incomparable patina attained from natural weathering.

Nostalgic indulgence is only a phone call away at Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana. Prized by architects, builders, and designers, we have softwood and hardwood lumber, hand hewn timbers, saw cut beams, corral boarding, and barn siding. Beautiful in its raw state, these reclaimed woods are ready to be crafted into exceptional paneling, siding, molding, and flooring.

These antique wonders of recycled lumber will no doubt be a proud focal point in your home, adding uniqueness, character, and unrivaled value. Using reclaimed barnwood and other antique wood is not only a completely “green” practice but also a tribute to our American heritage and hard-working history.

At Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana we have a treasure trove of historical material. Let us guide you through the woods.