August 22, 2015

Popular Hardwood Flooring Styles

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Hardwood_Flooring_Photo_for_BlogThe moment you decide that you want new flooring, it’s not surprising that the first thought you entertain is the money it will cost you. Don’t think you’re being stingy. In truth, you’re being practical, and consequently, you are being wise. If only money trees actually produced money, you wouldn’t be counting the money in your savings account and guessing how far it can take you. Do you want fewer headaches and still achieve an enviable home interior? Put your focus solely on hardwood floors. Yes, that’s your perfect solution.

You may be asking yourself why, of all flooring materials, you should opt for hardwood floors. We’ve already given you one valid reason – money. It comes in reasonable prices and ample benefits. Hardwood floors, without a doubt, are investments of a lifetime.

Aside from money issues, hardwood creates a cooler, healthier atmosphere that makes your home a desirable place to return to at the end of each day. And don’t forget aesthetics. Hardwood floors are always in style and keep up with current trends.

Here are the top four popular  styles of hardwood floors you may wish to consider.

Exotic Hardwood Floors

You can refer to this as a hybrid of domestic hardwood floors. Exotic hardwood ranks higher than domestic in the Janka Hardness Rating, the official scale used to grade the solidity of a wood. More and more consumers are turning to stronger flooring that will last decades.

If you think wood can get boring, you definitely have to try exotic hardwood flooring. After installation, exotic woods tend to deepen in color in an average of three months. Exposure to sunlight may affect the permanent color, and aside from proper maintenance, you can shrug off your concerns of a dulling appearance.

Homeowners are often anxious about switching from carpet to wood once their children are grown. Instead of switching, stick to exotic hardwood. It drives off irritants that cause allergies and respiratory problems. You can enjoy walking barefoot from room to room because it retains warmth rather than absorbs the cold. It is a safe flooring for the young and the old that is good for your health and enhances your house’s value. In case you plan to sell your home at some point, your exotic hardwood flooring will give you the right to increase the price. This is especially true with old wood flooring. Custom antique hardwood floors are beneficial to the environment as well as to the appreciation of your home. Exotic hardwood, whether fresh or antique, proves to be an excellent choice.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring

The normal width of wooden planks is four to five inches. In the 19th century solid planks were installed in widths of six to eight inches, and just as this wider option pleased people then, wide plan wood flooring is still popular today. It’s not only point on the walls that can create the illusion of a bigger room – wide-plank flooring can do the same and reinforce whatever design you’ve already put in a room. Wide plank flooring creates less complex floor details for a more relaxing, casual look. Take a look at our reclaimed wide plank flooring to see if this style is the right fit for your home.

Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Have you ever tried running a blade across ice when when shaving it? You’ll notice that there are scrape marks left on the surface where the blade’s length ended. This is the same process that hand-scraped hardwood flooring experienced under the expert treatment of American woodworkers. In an effort to even out the surface of wood, these scrape marks were created and became a design that instigated this lovely style.

Consumers are advised to be careful when installing this. Handscraped hardwood flooring isn’t recommended to be subjected for DIY projects. It needs the attention of experienced contractors to really bring out its beauty. When installed correctly, the intricacy of wood patterns is heightened, and its ecological charm emanates authenticity that is difficult to replicate.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Creative people who are searching for ways to combine nature and dramatic art may enjoy the look of distressed hardwood flooring. You can now age the wood, hand-scrape it, sculpt it, and wire-brush it to achieve the look you are trying to achieve.

This style is continuously growing in popularity because people are always searching for means to express themselves. Not everyone wants classic hardwood — distressed wood flooring is likely to remain a popular choice.

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