August 17, 2015

Superior Hardwoods | Reclaimed Wide Plank Heirloom Flooring

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The Heirloom Series features a mix of hard and soft woods. This series lives up to its name by coming from structures over 100 years old – graineries that have stood for over a century and barns that have seen more than one generation of homesteaders. The Heirloom Series is characterized by 100% antique 100-150 old material and no new or pallet material are allowed. This series contains genuine and original woods only. This is important when considering that some companies are mixing in pallet stock and selling it as reclaimed wood and/or are also mixing in 30% new material.

The Strength of Reclaimed Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring

Our country was built on strong values. As a nation, we have always believed in working hard and celebrating our American spirit. This incredible durability and character are reflected in the materials we used to build up our towns and open land. Wood was used to stand the test of time and it has stood with us during the boom and bust times.

It’s that strength that shines through today in our hardwood. Made from great trees such as Chestnut, Oak, Elm, Hickory, and Maple. Our planks have weathered the test of time and shown their resiliency.

Superior Hardwoods makes beautiful, durable floors that are a lifetime investment. Your family can walk on our wide-plank reclaimed hardwood flooring over and over, and the wood will last generations. Flooring is a huge focal point in your home and dictates the whole feel of a space. Healthy “green” solid hardwood flooring that will serve your family for decades or plastic like vinyl or musty carpet both of which have to be replaced often. The choice is yours.

The Advantages of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring in a Wide Plank

Clearly, hardwood and softwood make excellent flooring material. But what are other reasons you should choose antique flooring over the other options you have available? Some customers like the idea of reusing old materials instead of discarding them.

Another reason our customers love our reclaimed/antique solid wide plank floors is that they can achieve completely custom looks depending on your own decorating tastes. Dark original old patina or fresh cleanly planed and sanded antique oak”¦stained or natural wood”¦.smooth or authentic saw marks”¦single or multiple widths. With antique previously used wood made into flooring, you receive distinctive knots, checking, worm and bolt holes and exceptionally color variation – each plank handcrafted to be uniquely yours.

Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring Cost

If you’d like to know the price of our antique flooring, contact us today. We can discuss your individual needs for your home and get you a custom quote that takes into account your special circumstances. We can’t wait to help your house reflect back to a bygone era with our mix of hardwoods and softwoods!