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August 17, 2015

Hand Hewn Beam Furniture

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Hand Hewn Beam Furniture - Superior Hardwoods of Montana

Bunk Beds made from Reclaimed Hewn Beams

Looking for unique, rustic furniture that is rich in character and represents a piece of history? Turn to Superior Hardwoods of Montana for hand hewn beams that are perfect for using in unique furniture pieces.

Choosing Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams for Furniture

Reclaimed barn wood furniture or other reclaimed hand hewn beam furniture can add a classic, rustic element to your décor that can transform your home. However, it’s difficult to buy hand hewn beam furniture to get exactly the look you want.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Superior Hardwoods of Montana has a selection of amazing reclaimed wood hand hewn beams for you to choose from that will give you the basic foundation you need to make beautiful authentic natural wood hand hewn beam furniture.

Types of Hand Hewn Beam Furniture

What types of furniture can you make with hand hewn beams made of reclaimed barn wood? Almost any piece of furniture you can imagine is possible, but some of the most popular types of reclaimed wood beam furniture are reclaimed barn wood tables. A farmhouse table made from reclaimed barn wood instantly creates a nostalgia for a simpler, purer time, and is a great centerpiece for making new memories with family and friends. You could build other types of tables, like coffee tables or end tables, that look great and last.Reclaimed Beam Sink Countertop

You can also make some amazing shelves and fireplace mantels with reclaimed hand hewn beams. Beams are perfectly suited to this type of furniture, as when it comes to shelves and storage, you want a piece that’s as sturdy as it looks, and that’s just what reclaimed wood hand hewn beams from Superior Hardwoods of Montana represent. Our beams come from a selection of the best reclaimed wood we can find, weathered and tested by nature and hand hewn by our craftsmen for beams that are unique and great for all your furniture applications.

Our high-quality hand hewn reclaimed wood beams can be used for chairs, stools, bars, benches, fireplace mantels and more. Let your imagination run wild “” you’ll be amazed at the custom furniture applications that could work for you!