August 17, 2015

Exterior Hand Hewn Beams

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Hand hewn beams for exterior applicationsExterior Hand Hewn Beams

In 19th century America, agriculture and industry ruled the land. If you weren’t farming, you probably worked for a factory. Barns and industrial warehouses littered the country. Those barns and warehouses had to be built to last with quality wood and determined, careful craftsmanship. Over time, however, society changed, and many of those barns and warehouses were abandoned or fell into disuse.

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, our hand hewn beams for exterior applications give you the opportunity to revive those lost barns and warehouses while beautifying and improving your own home. Our hand hewn beams for exteriors come from those very reclaimed barn beams that formed the crux of many old farm structures.

We scour areas where wood from old barns and warehouses have been abandoned to find the highest-quality reclaimed wood. Our talented craftsman use patented methods to offer hand hewn beams for outdoor use made from that very same material. Our hand hewn beams for exteriors are not only durable and high quality, but they also give your property a distinctive, unique appearance that will get the attention of anyone who happens to see it.

How Hand Hewn Beams Are Made

Hand hewn beams come from a method of preparing beams by broad axe and adze, which is why they have original axe marks that give them their unique character. Hand hewn beams are often reclaimed from old barns or from industrial warehouses built in the 1800s or early 1900s. Reclaimed barn wood beams are ideal for your exterior hand hewn beam needs, as they recapture the style and spirit of the barns and homes you want to emulate today.

Exterior Hand Hewn Beams From Superior Hardwoods of Montana

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers an inventory of exterior hand hewn beams that have been weathered by exposure to Mother Nature. This is part of what makes each exterior beam you choose from Superior Hardwoods of Montana completely unique, and what gives these beams a natural look and feel you can’t get from other exterior beams made from milled wood or a wood substitute. Hand hewn beams can provide an exquisite, historical look to your home or structure, whether showcased in an exterior or interior setting.

Through five decades, Superior Hardwoods of Montana has been providing the best reclaimed wood products for our customers. Our lumber is used for beams, flooring, decks and furniture, always resulting in a long-lasting product with a natural authenticity that is unparalleled.

We know that choosing a lumber company for your exterior beam and other wood needs is a serious decision. That’s why every member of the Superior Hardwoods of Montana team is held to the highest standard of lumber knowledge and customer service. Exterior Hand Hewn Beam Application

Exterior hand hewn beams are just that: exterior. They are going to be seen by everyone, not just family members and guests of your home. That’s why it’s even more important to choose the most distinctive and quality lumber company to provide your exterior beams. That’s something Superior Hardwoods of Montana understands. We know our work is going to be on display, and we’re proud to show it off. You will be, too.

All beams are personally selected to be of superior quality, offering exceptional visual appeal to give your project its own character and piece of history. Contact Superior Hardwoods of Montana today!