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August 17, 2015

Rustic Hand Hewn Slab Siding

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Hand-hewn beams evoke the remembrance of diligent dedicated craftsmen – fashioning beauty out of raw material, chipping away at a crude log creating precise, exacting surfaces. Keep the link to the past alive with hand-hewn slab siding, giving any space a rustic, classic feel.


What Is Hand-Hewn Slab Siding?

Hand-hewn slab siding is siding that is cut from 2 or 4 sided hand hewn beams, which have been preserved from other sources. We scour old factories, bridges, shops, and barns for this incredible material. You bring a piece of the past into your home when you use reclaimed wood – shaped and designed by the hands of the pioneers who made them.

Why Choose Reclaimed Hand-Hewn Slab Siding?

The hard work, grit, and determination of our ancestors built our country into the fine place it is today. We are proud of that legacy, and we believe it should be celebrated and applauded. That’s why we embraced reclaimed wood. It honors the heritage of our country, providing a bridge to our exceptional future.

Reclaimed hand-hewn slab siding also has a unique look and feel that sets it apart from other types of siding. There’s nothing attractive or different about vinyl siding. Every piece looks the same.

With reclaimed hand-hewn wood siding, however, each piece is special. Our wood has knots and nail holes, splits and saw marks, which all speak to its former life. You can’t help imagining how that notch may have gotten there. With our wide variety of hand-hewn slab siding for sale, anything is possible! You may be getting wood from an antique barn that once housed hard-working farm animals or soldiers passing through on their way to battle. The wood had a fascinating history before it made its way to you.

Another reason to use reclaimed wood siding is its sustainability factor. This wood will be used again for an important job – protecting your house from the elements. You can feel proud of the green attributes of our hand-hewn slab siding. We always aim to provide 100% sound usable material with our reclaimed wood products.

Preserve History With Reclaimed Wood

Our hand-hewn wood slab siding presents a desirable way to stay in touch with the past. You can make history a part of your home when you buy siding that has its own story. This helps give your home a new identity. Whether you love hand-hewn siding for the rustic appearance or you’re dedicated to green materials, your house will benefit from putting its historical origins on display. Other benefits include:

  • We carefully select our reclaimed wood to find the best products for our customers.
  • We hew them by hand in order to make the precise cuts that help give your design a better look.
  • We have almost four decades of experience providing siding and other reclaimed wood products to customers, so we know how to make you happy.

Contact Superior Hardwoods to Get Your New Siding

When you look for the best reclaimed hand-hewn siding experts, consider Superior Hardwoods of Montana. We love helping our customers connect to the past, whether it’s with our siding, flooring or other hand-hewn reclaimed wood products.

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