August 17, 2015

Reclaimed Wood Beams

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Reclaimed As-Is Wood Beams for SaleRustic Reclaimed Beams Wholesaler

When you’re looking for reclaimed wood beams for sale for building furniture, using as exterior beams or interior applications, finding high-quality rustic wood beams for sale can be a time-consuming and sometimes thankless process. Fortunately, when it comes to finding high-quality reclaimed wood beams, at Superior Hardwoods of Montana, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve collected a wide range of reclaimed woods that will be perfect for your needs.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana for All Your Reclaimed Wood Beam Needs

If you’re a lumber provider or your business requires raw lumber – for example, a furniture-making business – you may be finding that more and more of your clients are seeking beams, furniture or other lumber products made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood not only looks great and carries with it generations of history, but it’s also the eco-friendly choice for wood products, which makes it very popular in today’s environmentally conscious society.

If you’re the manager of a business looking for wholesale reclaimed beams for resale, we’re the perfect supplier. We can provide a large quantity of reclaimed wood beams for you to process however you like and sell to your individual clients. Whether you need one specific size for your reclaimed wood beams or a variety of sizes, Superior Hardwoods of Montana can accommodate you. Just tell us the type of beam, size, and kind of wood you’re looking for, and we’re sure we can accommodate you. Superior Hardwoods of Montana has been providing great lumber products for approximately 40 years, and our ability to obtain the finest reclaimed wood nature can offer is stronger than ever.

About Our Reclaimed Wood Beams

“As Is,” or dimensional fir or pine timbers and beams, are reclaimed just as nature left them – rough or S4S. All are weathered to different degrees depending on exposure to the elements. Each one individually achieves its own patina, a testament to its journey through time, perpetually appealing in their unrefined state.

Widths: 6x up to 23x
Lengths: 5′-50′
Species: fir or pine