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Glacier Grainery Reclaimed Fir and Pine Flooring


Glacier Grainery fir and pine reclaimed flooring is 100% unique and completely authentic. These planks have incredible character, and each one dates back to the 19th century for a real connection to our nation's proud history. This collection features long fir and pine planks rescued from old granaries that look even more impressive today than they did in the 1800s.


Reclaimed pine and fir from antique wooden granaries over 100 years old.


  • Thickness: The Glacier Grainery flooring collection all measures 3/4-inch thick.
  • Size: These planks are expansive with 2- to 12-foot lengths and 3, 5, 7 and 9-inch widths.
  • Appearance: These boards are rough and rugged with saw marks, pre-dominate nail holes, checking and natural aging.
  • Tones: After 100 years of weather and wear, this flooring has multiple tones, including rose, brown and gray.
  • Pricing: Glacier Grainery fir and pine reclaimed flooring varies. Contact us for pricing.

Reclaimed Fir and Pine Softwood Flooring From Old Granaries

In the mid-1800s, people headed west to settle vast land expanses that were rich in natural resources. Relying on their grit, these pioneers staked claims and cleared the massive old-growth trees from the land to make room for their homes, barns, farmland and grazing fields. Eventually, enough people moved in to build a town with markets where the farmers could sell their grain or send it off for shipment to a distant location.

In those days, the farmers loaded grain into bags they would cart into town and rely on hired hands to unload. This process was incredibly time-consuming and required a more efficient solution to keep up with demand. The grain elevator offered the answer by providing dry storage for bulk, loose grain. Grain elevators let the farmers skip bagging and cut down on the labor necessary to transport grain from the supplier to a train or barge for distribution.

The idea took off, and soon, grain elevators stood in cities and towns across the country. For over 100 years, these buildings stood tall against the horizon while their lumber aged, absorbing the weather and taking battle scars from years of wear. When economics changed, and the antique wooden grain elevators became obsolete, we preserved the boards used in their construction and prepared them as reclaimed fir and pine softwood flooring planks.

Reclaimed Flooring Planks With a History You Can Feel

Our Glacier Grainery fir and pine reclaimed flooring has some of the most dramatic qualities in our entire Heirloom Series. These planks have original saw marks darkened with age that provide a textured surface and nail holes, knots and the marks that come years with hard use. This reclaimed flooring includes old-growth fir and pine with a wide woodgrain and coloring that will make any space feel like you stepped into a time capsule.

Put Glacier Grainery Fir and Pine Reclaimed Flooring in Your Home

Our Glacier Grainery reclaimed fir and pine softwood flooring is the definition of rustic, and we have planks ready to ship anywhere in the country. Contact us online today to get a quote for your home.