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Heirloom Series

The Heirloom Series features a mix of hard and soft woods. This series lives up to its name by coming from structures over 100 years old — graineries that have stood for over a century and barns that have seen more than one generation of homesteaders.

The Heirloom Series is characterized by 100% antique 100-150 old material and no new or pallet material are allowed in our reclaimed wood floors. This series contains genuine and original woods only. This is important when considering that some companies are mixing in pallet stock and selling it as reclaimed wood and/or are also mixing in 30% new material.


Big Hole Battlefield Chestnut

Reclaimed American chestnut flooring is characterized by its strength, and unique open grained wood with a high level of resistance to decay. Our Big Hole Battlefield Chestnut is truly one of a kind

Lewis & Clark Historic Plank

Today, lumber and siding harvested from stately buildings live on in our Historic Lewis & Clark Wide Plank Flooring. This flooring features an exclusive mix of species, making this floor eye-catching and unique

Homesteader Fir

Beautifully pre-finished with a molecular bonding finish, Homesteader Fir maintains the look and feel of the original wood. The age-old look brings history into your home to be enjoyed and appreciated every day.

Potomac Valley Pine

Our Potomac Valley Tobacco hardwood flooring creates a unique “Old Pine” appearance with deep rich shades of brown and red intermingled with the wood’s original honey color. This dark, naturally weathered appearance will enhance the look of any rustic décor

Geyser Basin Oak

Our Reclaimed Geyser Basin Oak has a clean fresh resawn surface which proudly displays checking, nail patterns, worm holes and color variation. The surface gives a distinguished look as each check and nail hole becomes visible.

Old Faithful Oak

Characterized by its raw, rugged beauty, Old Faithful Oak conveys a dazzling reflection of the past. Old faithful is reclaimed red and white oak from turn-of-the-century buildings and carefully crafted into stunning flooring

Sweet Grass Frontier Fir

Sweet Grass Frontier Fir features historic characteristics with medium brown to red tones complemented by occasional black streaking and glorious deep brown knots, nail holes, and antique checking

Glacier Grainery Fir/Pine

Our reclaimed wide-plank Fir/Pine flooring proudly shows its dramatic and original history off with a glance. With its historic, aged appearance, Glacier Grainery features medium to deep browns, golden highlights and dramatic, original saw marks

Yellowstone Prairie Fir

This flooring is rich in history mixed with meaningful memories of our American heritage. Yellowstone Prairie Fir has a historic appearance featuring medium to deep browns, golden highlights, and original saw marks.

Buffalo Jump Antique Oak

Buffalo Jump antique oak flooring is rugged yet refined and characterized by a light tone with whispers of saw marks and age-old secrets.  Hit skip with a heavier hand displaying more of the natural grain and leaving just a hint of patina.

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Reclaimed Wide Plank Hardwood Floors

The flooring in this series is on its second life. These boards belonged to buildings built generations ago, and many have visible marks worn proudly on the surface earned from rough-cut manufacturing and decades of rugged wear.

Features common to Heirloom Series reclaimed timber flooring include:

  • Saw marks. The sawmills operating in the 1800s put lumber through fewer finishing processes, leaving saw marks on the surface you can see and feel. They've grown darker over time, adding attractive character.
  • Antique checking. Wood density varies, even in the same tree. Over time, the lower-density lumber will shrink around the denser portions, creating natural splits and cracks — checking — that ages well with time.
  • Nail holes. After over 100 years, nails, bolts, staples and other hardware left marks on this flooring from barn wood. You'll find discolored holes left over that contrast with the wood, and each one tells a story.
  • Skipping. Wood is a living medium. It flexes and moves with humidity, temperature and age. Skipping — skip planing — makes them flat again by slicing off the high points, exposing fresh lumber next to the aged.
  • Weathering. Sunlight, moisture and the changing seasons all have profound effects on lumber. This flooring from barn wood is a perfect example of what happens when everything goes right with beautiful coloring and varying tones.

Flooring Made From 100% Reclaimed Wood

Heirloom Series boards are 100% authentic reclaimed wood flooring. They are made from trees that started growing centuries ago and look unlike anything coming out of a factory today.

Wood species vary by collection and each has advantages to offer. There are different tones to select from, and density makes a difference in acoustics and durabilty. Available species include fir, pine, oak, hickory, chestnut, walnut and various hardwoods.

If you're unsure where to start, Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®.

Learn More About This Flooring and the History Behind It

Take a journey back in time to discover more about this reclaimed hardwood flooring for sale and where it's been. Send us a message and we'll lead the way.

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