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Yellowstone Prairie Fir Reclaimed Flooring


Yellowstone Prarie fir reclaimed flooring dates back to the 1800s and has the marks to prove it. This collection features fir planks repurposed from the old wooden structures that built the American frontier. These solid wood planks are made from old-growth trees and available in long lengths and wide widths.


19th-century homesteads, barns, city buildings and early factories.


  • Thickness: Yellowstone Prarie fir boards all measure a 3/4-inch standard thickness.
  • Size: Planks in lengths from 2 to 12 feet are available, and board widths include 3, 5, 7 and 9 inches.
  • Appearance: Each board is unique with rough saw marks, checking, knots and nail holes.
  • Tones: This flooring has rich medium to dark brown tones, pink rose coloring and golden highlights.
  • Pricing: Contact us for prices for this reclaimed fir softwood flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring From When Yellowstone Was Young

In 1872, three years after the first organized expedition to the region, President Grant made Yellowstone a national park. This area is one of the wonders of the U.S. and lay undeveloped for thousands of years. Elk, grizzlies, wolves and bison roamed throughout the area pursued by fur trappers and hunters. Before the creation of the park, this area was mostly unpopulated.

Soon after, settlers came looking for their chance to make it on their own and achieve the American dream. Fueled by sheer determination, those settlers pushed through incredible challenges and unbelievable hardships, relying on their hard work, guts and, hopefully, a little luck.

The Yellowstone area is home to magnificent forests — fir trees stood nearly 10 stories tall. When the arriving settlers needed lumber, the trees came down to become the long wooden planks and timbers required to build anything from a country home or barn to a textile factory or cannery.

Stunning Reclaimed Fir Softwood Flooring

Our Yellowstone Prarie fir reclaimed flooring comes from those buildings and provides a tangible connection to our American heritage. This reclaimed fir softwood flooring once made up the siding, floors and rafters of these structures. Each board was meticulously removed during deconstruction to preserve the unique character forged by generations of rugged frontier folk and over a hundred years of exposure to all four seasons.

Yellowstone Prarie fir reclaimed flooring looks the same as it did 150 years ago, only better. Production methods back then left saw marks that give these planks texture and decorative accents. Along the way, the saw marks grew darker due to age and exposure. Wood changes over time, and this reclaimed flooring from Yellowstone has a fantastic patina that brings the natural coloring out more. Where the original carpenters drove nails in, attractive nail holes remain. Additional dark knots, checking and wear marks are common.

Order Reclaimed Flooring From the Yellowstone Region

Yellowstone Prarie fir reclaimed flooring is the perfect way to complete your authentic rustic decor. Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®. Start a conversation with us to order reclaimed fir softwood flooring for your home or request your custom quote.