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August 17, 2015

Ipe Deck Wood

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Ipe_Hardwood_DeckingWhat’s the most important quality needed in any wood product being used to build an outdoor deck? One word: longevity. If you want your outdoor deck to last into the next century, it must be rugged enough to withstand all the year-long seasonal slings and arrows nature throws in its direction, and the experts agree, no other hardwood delivers better than Ipe wood decking.

Renowned worldwide for its extensive list of unique characteristics and properties, Ipe hardwood decking is a proven choice in terms of overall quality and toughness. Known to last up to 100 years without preservatives, Ipe hardwood decking has a very dense, tightly packed grain – displaying very few (if any) knot patterns – contributing to its strength. This consistent hardness throughout the wood makes Ipe wood decking an ideal material for any woodworking applications.

There is good reason that Ipe decking is the preferred choice for commercial exterior construction projects like piers, boardwalks, and benches. If Ipe decking is sturdy enough to resist the constant pounding of ocean waves, it’s a good bet that it’ll more than do the job for your family’s outdoor deck.

Ipe decking also boasts the highest Class A fire rating, which means that it’s as resistant to fire as concrete and steel. Plus, Ipe’s naturally impervious to rot and decay brought on by mildew, while proving equally immune against insects, especially termites.

So when you step back and look carefully at all the pros – there really are not any cons – those of us at Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana have to believe that Ipe decking is about as close to perfect as it gets.

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