August 17, 2015

Wood Flooring Accessories

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Accentuate Your Hardwoods Floors with Floor Vents & Accessories

Hardwood floors are incredibly beautiful, elegant and timeless and they add a great deal of warmth and value to homes and businesses. However, if only common accessories are used, such as steel floor vents in drab colors like brown or gray, you may lose a great deal of effect that could be gleaned by better accessorizing your hardwood floors. Using the proper wood floor vents and accessories is just as important as using design accents to improve other areas like lighting, cabinets, fireplaces, etc.

As with every other area of home improvement today, there exists a wide variety of beautiful and elegant floor vents and accessories to add to hardwood and laminate floors. By visiting us at Superior Hardwoods & Millwork of Montana, you can choose from a variety of designsthat match your floors or other materials in your rooms.

Trims & Moldings

Trims and moldings are used to make aesthetically pleasing transitions from floors to walls and entryways. The proper trims and moldings are important to use because you want to create a smooth transition that either blends in with or highlights the space. Following are a few of the most common types from which you can choose.

Reducer Moldings – These moldings are used to make the transition between hardwood floors and lower sub-floors such as might exist in concrete, stone, etc.

T-Moldings – Where floors meet doorways of about the same height, T-moldings are used to make the transition. They are also used in floating floors as expansion joints.

End Caps – This trim is used to bridge the transition between floors of differing materials such as from hardwood floors to those containing masonry or carpet. End caps are also used between floors and sliding doorways and exterior doorjams.

Quarter Rounds – Quarter rounds cover the gaps left between floors and walls. They are also occasionally used to fill gaps between risers and treads on stairways.

Floor Vents and Registers

Wood floor vents and laminate floor vents (also known as registers) are necessary because they allow both warm air from central heating units and cool air from central air conditioning units to enter rooms, thus creating an even temperature throughout the room and house.

Floor vents come in a wide array of attractive materials that can be used to accent both your wood floors and home. Registers are made from wood, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, cast iron, and even granite. Such a large selection allows a great deal of freedom to create just the right ambience for a home or business. We offer a wide selection of vents for your wood floors.


Stairways are normally a focal point within a room and, therefore, should also be designed to match the overall surrounding design of the room or space. Just as wood floor vents and accessories help to create an aesthetic appearance for floors, stairway accessories also make the staircase stand out and improve the overall beauty.

Stairs consist of vertical surfaces called risers and horizontal surfaces called treads. Normally, hardwood floors are enhanced by using the same wood, or an accentuating variation, for stair risers and treads.

Superior Hardwoods & Millwork of Montana hasa very large selection of hardwood and softwood stair risers and treads as well as floor vents and accessories. As a matter of fact, we have everything you require to install your hardwood or laminate flooring and make it look its absolute best.