September 1, 2015

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Big Hole Chestnut Reclaimed Flooring

Big Hole Chestnut Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed American chestnut flooring is characterized by its strength and unique open grained wood with a high level of resistance to decay. Our Big Hole Battlefield Chestnut is truly one of a kind. During the great expansion of the western frontier, Chestnut had many applications including furniture, split rail fences, and even telephone poles. Sadly, in the mid-1900s, this once vital hardwood tree was virtually destroyed by an airborne bark fungus.

That makes finding reclaimed wide plank wormy Chestnut flooring a rare and celebrated achievement. These trees stood tall when our nation was in its formative years, and it provided shelter and protection for our pioneers. Let this wood continue to give back to a new generation in the form of flooring – beautiful, durable and unique.

One of the rarest of our reclaimed flooring products, our Big Hole Battlefield Chestnut Flooring is marked with insect-bored worm holes and will range in color from a lustrous tan to dark chocolate. Along with those distinguishing worm holes you can expect some original saw marks, nail holes, sound cracks and checking. Big Hole Chestnut provides an incredible opportunity to bring a unique and prized floor to any home.

The Appeal of Antique Wormy Chestnut Flooring

Chestnut is known for its enduring beauty. People will be amazed at the rich hues and buttery smoothness of your reclaimed antique wormy Chestnut floor.

In addition to offering you a cherished connection to our nation’s past, using reclaimed wormy chestnut flooring promotes this nation’s “green” movement. Our forefathers understood how important it was to reuse materials. They never wasted even the smallest resource, and we believe in that same practical idea. Buying reclaimed wormy Chestnut wide-plank flooring is not only eco-friendly but a fantastic choice for the discerning buyer.

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