September 1, 2015

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Geyser Basin Oak Reclaimed Flooring

Geyser Basin Oak Reclaimed Flooring

Characterized by its clean, fresh-sawn look, our Geyser Basin Oak has a clean fresh resawn surface which proudly displays checking, nail patterns, wormholes and color variation. The surface gives a distinguished look as each check and nail hole becomes visible. Lumber that was once a part of a magnificent turn-of-the-century building can now be transformed into a stunning floor.

Geyser Basin Oak has played a part in our nation’s history. Used to construct strong buildings that were a backbone to each town, barns, stables, banks, and saloons. These small towns later blossomed into cities and these same building remained through the passage of time steadfast and prominent, part of the expanding America.

Bring some of that strength and durability into your home or business with smooth, wide-plank reclaimed Oak flooring. History repeated – a classic nostalgic tribute to our hard-working founding fathers, turn of the century oak lumber crafted into a stunning floor – a canvas for your family to stamp with your living legacy.

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The Value of Reclaimed Oak Smooth Wide-Plank Flooring

Geyser Basin Oak is the perfect floor to add a historical dimension to your home. With its tantalizing blend of character and contemporary features, Geyser Basin Oak is an extremely durable floor and a very versatile choice. Known for its quality, strength and classic beauty, Geyser Basin Oak will pair well with either modern or rustic décor.

You can also feel good about buying our smooth, wide-plank reclaimed Oak flooring for sale because it’s environmentally friendly. Instead of being left to the elements, this noble wood gets a second chance at life by being reused in your home. It’s the American way to recycle resources in this manner, leaving as little waste behind as possible. We know you value that practical way of life.

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