Geyser Basin Oak Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring


Geyser Basin oak reclaimed flooring is beautiful, stable and over 100 years old. This oak reclaimed flooring for sale is made from lumber used to build the farms, towns and cities that dotted the Old West at the turn of the century. These planks are wide and combine the effects of natural aging with the beauty of a fresh faced plank.


Oak reclaimed from the banks, barns, stables and saloons that formed the backbone of the American frontier during the 1800s


  • Thickness: All planks in the Geyser Basin collection have a uniform thickness of 3/4-inch.
  • Size: This hardwood flooring is broad, with lengths from 2 to 12 feet and face widths 3 to 8 inches wide.
  • Appearance: Geyser Basin oak boards are all milled to provide smooth walking and feature knotting, nail patterns and wormholes.
  • Tones: These planks are made from aged North American white oak with tones ranging from light beige to dark amber or red to pink hues.
  • Pricing: Geyser Basin reclaimed oak hardwood flooring varies in price. Contact us for a quote.

Oak Flooring From Barn Wood and Antique Wooden Structures

Our Geyser Basin oak reclaimed flooring comes straight from the pages of history. Oak is one of the hardest and densest species native to the U.S., and lumber produced from oak trees can last for hundreds of years. During the 1800s, oak was incredibly common and a prized building material due to its hardness, density and bright golden appearance. In this era, people used oak to build homes, barns, train stations, banks, saloons and the other structures in blossoming towns taking root.

Progress consumed many of these structures, but other buildings stood tall for a century or more, whether as part of a farm or historical point of interest. While the world raced to move, these buildings stayed frozen in time, and their planks slowly aged to develop more character and beauty. Today, these long and wide planks have a second life as environmentally friendly reclaimed oak hardwood flooring.

100% Reclaimed Oak Hardwood Flooring

Rather than see this attractive lumber plowed over during demolition, we carefully dismantled these buildings piece by piece. Oak planks represent the best boards these buildings had to offer, and we have repurposed them into durable hardwood flooring. This oak reclaimed flooring for sale was sawn again to provide you with a smooth surface. Resawing also creates a fresh-cut look while enhancing the random checking, color variations, bug holes and nail patterns you expect to see in reclaimed lumber.

Reclaimed flooring is unlike anything made today and will always stand out when compared to an imitation product. Our Geyser Basin oak reclaimed flooring offers the opportunity to use lumber that once belonged to magnificent turn-of-the-century buildings inside your home for a stunning upgrade. Every board of this oak reclaimed flooring for sale is unique, and the collection has a distinguished overall appearance suited for installation in a modern home or rustic cabin.

Oak Reclaimed Flooring for Sale and Ready to Ship

Own a piece of the past with Geyser Basin oak reclaimed flooring. Contact our team online to learn more about our oak reclaimed flooring for sale and Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®.