September 1, 2015

Old Faithful Oak – Reclaimed Old Growth Wide Plank Flooring

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Old Faithful Oak Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Old Faithful Oak Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Characterized by its raw, rugged beauty, Old Faithful Oak conveys a dazzling reflection of the past. Old Faithful Oak is reclaimed wood from turn-of-the-century buildings and carefully crafted into stunning flooring. This incredible old surface material is hit-skipped to perfection, a process that allows the inner beauty of the wood to shine through. Creating an unrivaled focal point in your home, Old Faithful Oak is known for its quality, strength, and beauty, helping you to create a perfect ambiance for daily living.

Having interesting things to look at helps give your home its character. How boring it would be if everything in it was bland perfection! Our reclaimed hit skipped Oak flooring is perfectly rift with character. You’ll enjoy seeing the knots, saw marks and color variation this wood has accumulated over the years. You may even start daydreaming about where those tiny battle scars came from, transporting back in time to the bygone era of riding in carriages and buying things from the blacksmith and visiting a farm for your milk.

We often daydream about those things ourselves. That’s one reason we offer reclaimed hit skip Oak flooring for sale. We treasure our connections to the past, and we want to see them preserved and remembered for years to come. When you buy one of our reclaimed wood flooring products, you’re ensuring those bonds continue.

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Hit Skip Oak Flooring: Reclaimed and Reused

Another reason we offer antique Oak hit skipped flooring to our customers is because it’s environmentally friendly:

  • Re-purposing the life cycle of this wood to create new uses for old material for the next generation.
  • Environmentally friendly flooring that has spanned decades and gives joy to each user over and over again.
  • No burn piles, no landfill space for these precious old beams and boards – transformed into incomparable wide plank flooring – history repeated

If you care about the environment, you want to reuse resources as much as possible. It’s a smart choice to make at a time when our natural resources come at a premium.

Reclaimed Oak Hit Skip Flooring Cost and Installation

Our family-owned business has been around for more than 30 years, and we thrive on our top-notch customer service. When you have questions, we’ll get you answers.

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