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Old Faithful Oak Reclaimed Flooring


Old Faithful oak reclaimed flooring is the ideal mix of old patina and fresh wood grain peeking through. These oak planks come from the most important structures built during the 1800s and today, have a dazzling appearance that gets better the closer you look.


Hit-skipped white oak repurposed from 19th-century stables, barns, courthouses, banks and saloons.


  • Thickness: Old Faithful oak hardwood flooring provides a solid walking surface with each board milled to 3/4-inch thick.
  • Size: These solid oak planks make any room feel larger with broad 3- to 12-inch widths and expansive 2- to 12-foot lengths.
  • Appearance: This reclaimed flooring is aged to perfection and has a natural patina with random historical defects hit-skipped for extra character.
  • Tones: This collection includes weathered boards and fresh-sawn planks for tones ranging from light honey to dark coffee brown.
  • Pricing: Pricing for our Old Faithful oak reclaimed flooring varies due to origin. Please contact us for pricing.

Reclaimed Oak Hardwood Flooring That Portrays the American Old West

One hundred and fifty years ago, if you walked into a bank, general store, saloon or another building in a dusty cattle town, chances are you were surrounded by planks of freshly hewn oak. In the 1800s, America was becoming a prosperous nation. Once confined to the East Coast, settlers took advantage of the ever-expanding western frontier and traveled by wagon and rail car to stake claims.

While the land was there for the taking, everything else came through hard work and determination. Early pioneers and logging crews took these massive trees down using large handsaws and moved them to the local lumber mills down rivers and rail. At the mill, hard labor turned the trees into the different-sized lumber needed to make all the buildings you expect to see in a developing town during the close of the 19th century.

Experience History With Our Wide-Plank Oak Hardwood Flooring

Life on the frontier was tough, and these planks have the scars to show it. Old Faithful oak reclaimed flooring comes from a place and time when life — and the people living it — was a little rougher. People worked hard with their hands and got up with the sun. If they needed supplies, they had to travel to the local farm, blacksmith or town doctor. They were hard on these boards, and some have different battle scars and marks you can daydream about all afternoon.

This reclaimed oak hardwood flooring includes boards rescued from the exterior and interior of antique wooden buildings. Some planks show advanced weathering and have unique coloring while others in the collection have a fresh and bright grain for a broader tonal range. We've taken things one step further and hit-skipped the entire collection to draw the inner beauty out from the wood and put extra texture on the face.

Request an Estimate for Our Reclaimed Oak Hardwood Flooring

Old Faithful oak reclaimed flooring is authentic and provides a stunning walking surface that will become a notable focal point in your home. Reach out to us for a custom estimate today and Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®.