Hand-Hewn Timbers

Indulge Your Nostalgic Side With Hand Hewn, Architectural Timbers

Hand Hewn Beams evoke the remembrance of diligent dedicated craftsmen fashioning beauty out of raw material, chipping away at a crude log creating precise, exacting surfaces.  Keeping the link to the past alive with these beautiful remnants of the past.  The timbers date from the 1800’s and before – they are available in a range of sizes and lengths and they are perfect for interior or exterior application.


19th-century barns, buildings and factories


  • Wood species: Ash, Elm Maple, Poplar, White Oak, Fir and White Pine – predominately White Oak, also some Chestnut available.
  • Available sizes: 4 to 40 feet long and 6 to 20 inches wide
  • Wood finish: Unfinished, natural-aged patina and distinct, unique adze marks
  • Special features: Natural checking, bolt and nail holes as well as mortis pockets, tenons and adze marks


Ancient trees over 1,500 years old recovered from the bottom of the Saint Lawrence Seaway during the Age of Sail. The beams originally destined to be used during this great maritime era of massive ship building.


  • Wood species: Solid American white oak
  • Available sizes: 50-foot timbers that are 11 x 11 inches to 23 x 23 inches wide
  • Wood finish: Unfinished with unique mineral streaking and silica from being submerged
  • Special features: Dramatic checking and defined adze (ax) marks

Tell a Story With Hand-Hewn Timbers

If only these timbers could talk. Hand-hewing is an old woodworking tradition and process that involves taking a felled tree and working it down by hand to craft a four-sided beam. These massive timbers were created during a time where pioneer people worked with a sense of community to create the necessary building material needed for everyday life.

These tenacious people spent hours and days, of pain staking labor and sweat to produce the finest hand hewn beams imaginable.  Hand Hewn timbers were the backbone and lifeblood of these enormous magnificent ships.  Later the giant hand hewn timbers provided the structural support of the large barns and buildings that gave back to our forefathers for generation after generation, housing animals, feed and machinery that created their income and helped secure their survival.  Assuring we preserve these significant historical beams is imperative to keeping the ties of our past alive.

Common Places Our Reclaimed Timbers Are Used

Hand-hewn timbers from old barns and other historical buildings look great indoors or outdoors with potential applications throughout the home. These reclaimed beams have a rugged and rustic appearance in their natural state, or you can stain or finish them to achieve your desired look and complement any style home. Our reclaimed hand-hewn timbers are perfect for:

  • Fireplace mantles.
  • Exposed overhead beams.
  • Home awnings and trusses.
  • Pergolas and outdoor structures.
  • Unique indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • Conversation-starting accent pieces.

Request an Estimate for Reclaimed Timbers

These reclaimed timbers are available in their original sizes, feature mortise and tenon joints, and have colored holes left from nails removed during recovery. Due to their unique nature, standard pricing on these reclaimed timbers is unavailable.

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