August 11, 2016

Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring

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A stagecoach rumbling down a dusty road. A gunslinger grabbing his weapon and pointing at the sky. A horse galloping at breakneck speed through the downtown, carrying its rider to find gold in the hills. We love these arresting images from our collective history. We seek to preserve that history by using materials that have stood the test of time, reclaimed from the buildings and structures that stood sentinel over that storied past.

Bring a part of history to your home by using beautiful reclaimed barnwood flooring. This wood speaks to your reverence for the past and desire to preserve our beautiful environment. The materials are a link to our country’s exciting past. You have a lot to be proud of when you incorporate real reclaimed barnwood flooring into your new or existing home.

An Old Barn Reclaimed for Wood Flooring By Superior Hardwoods of Montana

What Is Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring?

When people tear down barns or the buildings sink into disrepair, a great deal of wood can be preserved. Superior Hardwoods of Montana repurposes the finest of these materials and skillfully handcrafts them into beautiful flooring choices spanning the color spectrum from light remilled wood to a darker more rustic old surface option. Much of the flooring is fashioned right in our own millshop. The result is beautiful flooring that looks new but retains the battle scars from the wood’s past life, the physical imperfections and wonderfully quirky shaping that give barns their character.

Why Buy Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring for Sale?

Reclaimed flooring may appeal to you for many reasons. One is likely the link to the past provided by reclaimed materials. Barns represent a storied part of our nation’s history.

Is there anything more quintessentially American than a big red barn on a wide expanse of farmland? Barns inspire national pride and serve as a reminder of the verdant agricultural period when widespread Americans worked the lands. While barns may be increasingly a part of history, we can still honor our farmers by preserving the wood from their barns for use in new structures.

Another appealing aspect of using material from reclaimed barnwood flooring companies is it means reusing material for the future. Environmentally conscious homeowners often choose to use reclaimed materials in their homes to be as green as possible. We strive for 100% sound usable material for our custom flooring options from reclaimed barnwood.

Choose From a Variety of Stunning Styles

Our reclaimed barnwood can be created to suit whatever your needs may be. Imagine those images from the past “” what did their flooring look like? Can yours look the same? You bet they can. Our Heirloom Series has options for every taste, such as:

  • Lighter, brighter remilled floors
  • Wide planks and longer lengths
  • Multiple species available in a smooth clean surface or a rough old surface patina – the choice is yours

Reclaimed Warm Barnwood Flooring in HouseEach flooring example is unique because we use different reclaimed wood for every project. Every floor is different, just as it was years ago when each flooring project was an adventure in itself.

The imperfections and historical defects imprint the aged wood with a story of our past. All of our wood retains its natural characteristics from years ago, such as nail holes, insect borings, saw marks and color variation. You’ll find slightly different hues from different types of wood “” another beautiful aspect of reclaimed wood. There’s no cookie-cutter appearance to any of our products each piece is truly unique.

Get a Special New Floor From Your Preferred Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring Company

Superior Hardwoods of Montana has been in business since 1977. We can help you find the hardwood floor that works best for your new or existing home. We can advise you on the colors and finishes that will look best. Our employees have the same love of history that you do, and all of them have been long-term employees with decades of knowledge. Let Us Guide You Through the Woods.

Contact us today to discuss options for your home and get a customized quote.