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August 17, 2015

Hand-Hewn Fireplace Mantels for Sale

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Glacier Grainery Flooring & Hand Hewn Mantel

For many centuries, wood timbers from trees like chestnut, oak, and pine were carefully and meticulously hand-hewn. To modern consumers accustomed to purchasing perfectly sized and ready-to-use lookalike timbers from big-box retailers, the idea of hand hewing may seem foreign. However, when you examine a hand-hewn piece of timber, you instantly realize how magnificent this almost-lost art is.

Crafted by hand-swung axes, hand-hewn timbers feature the axe marks made by the craftsmen who transformed trees into timber. The timber was then used to support and protect early barns, industrial spaces, and other buildings. Each timber tells a unique story if you’re willing to listen carefully and fully appreciate its knots, marks, scratches, color variations and similarly imperfectly perfect attributes.

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, we relish the tapestry of history that’s woven throughout the hand-hewn timbers across America. When a structure is no longer deemed necessary or fit, we always opt to keep the hardwood timbers for future use. One of the most common ways to reuse antique wood is to create an eye-catching fireplace mantel.


Revive National History With Hand-Hewn Fireplace Mantels

Hand_Hewn_Mantel_ApplicationMore than a practical addition to your home, workspace, cabin or vacation property, reclaimed wood fireplace mantels add a rustic charm that can never be imitated. Every reclaimed wood mantel for sale by Superior Hardwoods of Montana is guaranteed as an original piece of reclaimed wood. You can feel great about giving new life to something that served its purpose for generations of our nation’s history.

Our hand-hewn timbers are perfect for adding a historical and rustic touch to a fireplace as a showpiece mantel. Timbers can be precut to your desired length and finished to your specifications. Contact us today for further information on how you can purchase a one-of-a-kind hand-hewn fireplace mantel for yourself.

Decorate Your Home With Greener Choices

Many homeowners are actively seeking products for their homes that support the belief in recycling whenever possible. Hand-hewn timbers are perfectly suited for this type of upcycling. Not only are they the highest quality of hardwoods available, but they can also expand their usefulness instead of being cast aside as unusable materials.

Your reclaimed antique wood fireplace mantel is guaranteed to be unique because no two hand-hewn timbers are exactly the same. Due to differences in wood type, artisanship, exposure, purpose and a host of additional factors, every timber exudes its own charming personality. You’ll spend hours imagining the possible scenes and historic events your hand-hewn fireplace mantel experienced.

While most people do not choose to change the original face of their hand-hewn timbers because they enjoy a more natural, rustic look, it may benefit you to consider a stain to protect the integrity of the piece. Our team at Superior Hardwoods of Montana will be happy to talk to you about possibilities for your fireplace mantel. When you place your order, feel free to ask questions regarding the many ways to effectively and beautifully show off your new purchase.

Hand Hewn Mantel

Turn to Recycled Wood Timbers for Authentic Appeal

It would be difficult to find any product more authentic or appealing than reclaimed wood timbers from historic buildings. Whether you are renovating your cozy cottage in the forest or you want to change the overall appearance of your three-story traditional house in a residential neighborhood, please consider buying reclaimed timbers. You will be doing your part to keep American ingenuity and integrity alive for future generations to enjoy.