March 26, 2021

Reclaimed Wood Trends

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Reclaimed wood is an incredibly popular trend that has gained momentum over the past few years. Although the idea of using reclaimed wood has been around for centuries, it has been popularized more recently by some of the world’s top architects, interior designers and furniture designers. With the charm and character reclaimed wood brings to a room, this is one trend that’s not going away any time soon. Let’s take a look at what makes reclaimed wood so popular and how it’s being used today. 

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is any wood that is repurposed from other sources. When a wooden building, piece of furniture or other structure is no longer in use, the wood can be dismantled and reused in other ways. This wood can come from just about any source, but popular options include factories, barns, warehouses, bridges and more. Reclaimed wood is highly sought after and can be reused for a wide variety of purposes, including flooring and furniture.

What Makes Reclaimed Wood So Popular?

With new lumber readily available, why is reclaimed wood so trendy and popular? One of the biggest reasons is that it aligns with more eco-friendly values. Reusing old wood means fewer trees need to be harvested and old building materials are kept out of the landfill. Reclaimed wood has aged from sunlight and changes in humidity to provide a stability that can withstand everyday use. The wide, thick boards feature a remarkable design that enhances your living space’s aesthetic.

Reclaimed wood also has its own history, and the character it provides is unmatched in other types of lumber. Many people enjoy this link to the past and owning a piece of history. This is wood with a story to tell, and each piece is unique. This one-of-a-kind quality adds beauty wherever the repurposed wood is used. 

Home Decor Trends With Reclaimed Wood

You can find reclaimed wood in all sorts of applications, from walls to floors to furniture and smaller decor. The following are some of the trendy uses of this luxurious material that you can use as inspiration:

1. Flooring

Reclaimed wood can be used to add a gorgeous effect to your bedroom, living room, office or dining room flooring. Add warmth and charm with its historic, lived-in look that many homeowners desire. Reclaimed wood is an excellent sustainable material, allowing you to give the wood a new purpose in your house.

2. Cabinets 

Whether in a kitchen or bathroom, cabinets made from reclaimed wood have a distinguished visual appeal that provides a stunning point of interest. Antique or barn-style handles and other hardware complete this captivating, old-fashioned design that harmonizes with current design trends. Reclaimed wood cabinets can be completely custom-made, so you can personalize them to complement the rest of your kitchen. 

3. Accent Walls 

Reclaimed wood is trending for accent walls in homes, which can serve as an attractive focal point in your living space. The nail holes, knotholes, weathering and other distinct characteristics in this material add visual interest. 

Depending on the style of the room and the existing decor, a full accent wall of reclaimed wood can look incredibly upscale and modern. It can also fit in with a comfy, warm farmhouse style. The panels’ appearance can have a cohesive look with one wood species used throughout the whole wall, or a more eclectic look with different textures, colors and finishes. With custom reclaimed wood, you could make your space as formal or casual as you desire. 

4. Headboards 

Headboards made from barn wood and wood from other reclaimed sources add a sense of warmth and character to your living space. A weathered look in a bedroom can give a relaxing and soothing vibe, helping you unwind after a long day. Using reclaimed wood as part of your bed makes an excellent statement piece that attracts the eye to your room’s spaciousness.

5. Dining Tables 

Reclaimed wood dining tables continue to rise in popularity because of their aesthetic appeal and inviting warmth. Gathering places like dining tables already bring to mind family dinners and joyous holiday traditions. These tables create a story of their own with their distinctive variations in colors and patterns. Reclaimed wood can also withstand spills and scrapes that might occur during meals.

6. Coffee Tables 

Reclaimed wood coffee tables bring a fascinating statement piece to the living room. These pieces of furniture can be made from various wood species with aged planks from old pallets, factories, barns or wine and whiskey barrels. These coffee tables are a great conversation starter when you have guests visiting. Old casters, wheels or other fixtures add to the fascinating design of these gorgeous furnishings.

7. Mantelpieces 

A reclaimed wood mantelpiece offers a beauty unlike any other. Besides using this feature as a standalone piece, you could also use it as a shelf for wall art, plants or memorabilia. Adding this decorative element above your cozy fireplace can make your living space modern or more traditional, depending on the style of the wood and the surrounding decor.

8. Stairs 

Reclaimed wood in a staircase is truly a statement piece that highlights the grand entrance in your home. The wood adds authentic beauty and grandeur for a unique and elegant set of stairs. Each plank’s stability allows it to resist damage from wear and tear over the years.

9. Shelving 

Whether for a full freestanding bookshelf, a set of small floating or hanging shelves, or shadowboxes, reclaimed wood gives a lovely ornamentation to all sorts of shelving in your living space. Natural edges and other aesthetic details add to the warmth of these functional decorative elements. Modern or traditional brackets and fixtures transform reclaimed wood to match any style.

10. Decorations

Besides using reclaimed wood for bigger home projects, you could also find smaller household decor made from reclaimed wood. The unique graining it has is a work of art itself. Old wooden shutters, window frames or other interesting pieces of wood can be hung on the wall as an art piece. Reclaimed wood is also often used for painted signs, wall hangings and candle holders. 

Reclaimed Wood Flooring From Superior Hardwoods of Montana

We are confident that reclaimed wood trends in 2021 will continue with many of the same gorgeous ideas for your home. If you want to get in on the reclaimed wood trend, flooring is a great place to start. Superior Hardwoods of Montana is proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality options for reclaimed wood flooring. We have many different wood species, styles and finishes available, so you’re sure to find a good match for your home and personality. Contact us today to get started and find the right reclaimed wood flooring for you.