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August 17, 2015

Hand Hewn Timber Applications

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Creative Hand Hewn Beam Application

Hand Hewn Timber Applications

Hand hewn timber applications include exterior and interior beams, wood furniture, porches and siding and more. When seeking hand hewn timbers for sale, you want to go with a reclaimed hand hewn timber company with years of experience, a proven commitment to customer service and a passion for finding the best reclaimed wood possible. Superior Hardwoods of Montana wants to be your reclaimed hand hewn timber source. Whether you’re looking for new wood siding, hardwood flooring, decking or any hand hewn timber applications, Superior Hardwoods of Montana has the wood you’re seeking.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana has just the hand hewn reclaimed wood to meet your specific needs, even if you need multiple types and sizes of wood. Our timbers come in lengths anywhere from four to 50 feet, in widths from four inches to 14 inches. We can provide you with reclaimed pine, white oak, red oak, fir, chestnut and more. Just tell us what your exact timber requirements are, and we’ll go to work.

For roughly forty years, Superior Hardwoods of Montana has been satisfying customers with great hand hewn reclaimed wood products. We believe that hand hewn reclaimed wood provides an authenticity and a natural feel you can’t get in any other material, be it processed wood or non-wood materials. Our hand hewn beams call to mind a simpler time where individual pride and quality craftsmanship were paramount.

Hand hewn timbers evoke the remembrance of diligent dedicated craftsmen – fashioning beauty out of raw material, chipping away at a crude log creating precise, exacting surfaces.

Keeping the link to the past alive is possible with any number of hand hewn timber applications. The possibilities are almost endless.

We’re more than happy to talk to you about all of your needs for hand hewn timber applications. Lumber is our life at Superior Hardwoods of Montana, and it shows in our knowledge of the industry, the quality of our work and our dedication to customer service. We know the magic of quality hand hewn reclaimed wood, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Widths: 4″ to 14″ Lengths: 4′-50′
Species: ash, beech, chestnut, elm, fir, hickory, maple, oak (red & white), pine, poplar, walnut, and white pine.

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