Calico Wall Paneling


With our Calico reclaimed paneling, you can turn any room into a one-of-a-kind space using a product that's been over 100 years in the making. Sourced from original structures that were made by hand using domestic lumber, this paneling from barns features multiple colors in different hues that you can use to create unique and attractive patterns. Our Calico barn wood paneling is prepared for home installation but otherwise untouched to preserve the lumber's natural features, age and character.



  • Barns
  • Old Buildings and Structures
  • Old Factories



  • One thickness: All Calico rustic wall paneling is 3/8" thick for continuity.
  • Ranging sizes: Boards range in size from 10 to 48 inches long and 3 to 11 inches wide.
  • Multiple colors: These panels come in a number of colors, including browns, reds, gray, and faded white.
  • Natural finish: We leave these boards with a faded and original finish to preserve their aged look.
  • Excellent pricing: $12.50 per square foot. Ask about volume or professional discounts.

Rustic Wall Paneling From Turn of the Century Barns

At the beginning of the 19th century, the country was covered in awe-inspiring forests, and many of the trees were taller and thicker than most you see today. Over the next few decades, colonists from the eastern seaboard began to spread west — spurred by the development of the railroad, the Homestead Act and a national desire to colonize the land. In front of them stood these great trees, but they wouldn't stand for long.

The Homestead Act provided swaths of land to anyone willing to settle, file a claim and make improvements, and many took advantage of the offer. During this era, barns were second in importance only to family dwellings, and colonists built them by clearing the ample supply of lumber available on the property. Depending on the location, homesteaders would erect these structures using a variety of wood species, leading to barns of all sizes made from domestic wood sources like old-growth fir, spruce, pine, hemlock and cedar.

Calico Barn Wood Paneling for Your Home

With time, exposure to the elements and the right conditions, paneling from barns can develop exceptional character. Our Calico rustic wall paneling represents some of nature's most beautiful work. This colorful wood paneling includes a mix of attractive woods that all wear signs of time. Using unique boards of different colors and sizes, you can create virtually endless patterns and transform any space into a living history that you'll experience each time you enter the room.

Connect to the Past With Our Calico Barn Wood Paneling

Our Calico barn wood paneling is available in the same dimensions as the day these boards were produced. More than a century later, this colorful reclaimed paneling has a quality and appearance unmatched by anything produced by modern manufacturers. We'll inspect each board to ensure that it's free from damage and safe to come into your home. Otherwise, we'll leave the wood untouched for an authentic product you can touch and feel to connect with the past.

Request a Quote for Colorful Reclaimed Paneling

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, we'll be happy to provide you with an estimate for Calico reclaimed paneling. We also offer free samples, so you can see how our products look against your backdrop. For more information or a quote, please contact us online today.