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Corral Board Wall Paneling


Our Corral Board reclaimed paneling captures the spirit of the west. These rustic boards once belonged to livestock corrals that dotted the prairie landscape. Now, they have a second purpose as accent wall paneling that's versatile and easy to incorporate into a home. All of our Corral Board reclaimed paneling is authentic, rugged, weathered, proudly bearing battle wounds received from the passage of time  - hoof, boots, spurs all branding each board stamping in distinguishing characteristics.



Corrals used for livestock from the early to mid-1900's. Read more about the origin below.



  • Panel colors: This reclaimed wall paneling has gray tones with hues ranging from a pale, silver-gray to a dark charcoal-gray.
  • Panel sizes: Multiple board sizes are available, with sizes ranging from 12 to 72 inches in length and 3 to 8 inches in width.
  • Panel thickness: Corral Board reclaimed paneling has varying thicknesses available, ranging from 3/8 to 1/2 inches thick.
  • Panel finish: These boards are authentic, and we've preserved their appearance so that it features the natural patina caused by aging.
  • Additional traits: This accent wall paneling is rugged and weathered with old bolt and nail holes for added character.
  • Panel pricing: This gray reclaimed wall paneling is $11.80 per foot, ask about volume or professional discounts.

Reclaimed Wall Paneling Preserved From Livestock Corrals

Before ranchers used metal to house their livestock, they relied on corrals made from thick beams of lumber. Enterprising settlers would clear trees from their property or source lumber from a local supplier, then build their corrals by hand using simple tools. Their work stood the test of time. This reclaimed wall paneling comes from livestock corrals that date all the way back to the early to mid-1900s. This lumber lasted for decades under the harsh prairie climate before being rescued and repurposed.

This light wash reclaimed wall paneling has a beautiful gray patina that only nature can provide. Corrals are outdoors, and on the western plains, that means exposure to some of the harshest elements. After decades or more of exposure to strong winds, heavy rains, thick snowfall and the beating sun, this reclaimed wall paneling is unique, and each board is an individual work of art. Our Corral Board reclaimed wall paneling also features random saw marks for added character and authenticity.

Authentic Gray Reclaimed Wall Paneling Ready for Installation

These panels are available in varying lengths and widths, and they're perfect for use on an accent wall or as a whole-room upgrade. Our Corral Board reclaimed wall paneling is aged to perfection and has a low moisture content. We remove any nails in the wood and treat it for insects, but otherwise, we leave these boards exactly how they were, preserving them forever just as they looked on the dusty plains.

Our Corral Board light wash reclaimed wall paneling was made by hand and aged by nature for a unique look with each board.

Learn More About Corral Board Accent Wall Paneling

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