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Five Valley Fir Wall Paneling


At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, our Five Valley Fir reclaimed paneling provides a modern look with a rich historical past. These boards are from buildings erected during the early to mid-1900s using the impressive old growth fir trees that covered the landscape. Available in longer board sizes, this wood wall paneling makes the perfect addition to any home and will provide you with stories you can talk about for years.



Tur of the century:

  • Barns
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Other old buildings

Read more about the origin below.



  • Varying thicknesses: Create depth on your walls with boards measuring from 5/8 to 11/16 inches thick.
  • Long sizes: Made from old-growth trees, these boards are available in sizes 60 inches and longer and 4 to 12 inches wide.
  • Rich tones: This modern reclaimed paneling has warm brown tones that can make any space more welcoming.
  • Untouched finish: These boards are aged by time and feature a natural patina available only with antique paneling.
  • Competitive prices: We offer square foot pricing, and this barnwood paneling is $7.50 per square foot. Ask about volume or professional discounts.

Modern Reclaimed Paneling With a Long History

This modern reclaimed paneling is named after the Five Valleys region of Montana, but the story behind these boards goes much deeper. The Five Valleys area got its name in 1805 from Meriwether Lewis, who, with the Corps of Discovery, took part in a journey to find an accessible water route capable of connecting companies back East with the Pacific Ocean. This journey was instrumental for national growth and a motivating force behind the massive number of settlers who went afterward, looking to capitalize on new opportunities.

Driving westward, people built homes, barns, towns and eventually sprawling cities while the nation entered a new industrial age. In the largest cities, factories sprung up, and in turn, people built massive warehouses to store raw materials and finished goods. These buildings witnessed an era famous for explorers heading into the unknown, daring bandits traveling on horseback and legendary lawmen still talked about today. As they slowly fell to time and the march of progress, we rescued the magnificent lumber used in their construction for application in your home.

Today, these beautiful boards are available as modern reclaimed paneling, which is perfect for accent walls, entertainment areas or completely wrapping a room. This reclaimed paneling from barns, factories, warehouses and historic structures features smooth surfaces, prominent wood grain and vibrant, warm coloring suited for any space. These boards have been preserved inside their historic buildings, maintaining a clean appearance despite being nearly 200 years old. Each board is unique, and our Five Valley barnwood paneling has random small knots that add distinctive character.

Antique Wood Wall Paneling in Long Planks

Our Five Valley Fir reclaimed paneling is made from trees that stood during the American Revolution, and it's available in long, Montana-sized boards that are rare and hard to find. All of this modern reclaimed paneling is authentic, dried and showcases minimal nail holes, making for boards that are ready to mount on your walls.

Reclaimed Paneling From Barns Shipped Anywhere in the U.S.

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions, put together an order and provide you with an accurate quote for products and shipping anywhere in the country. To speak to one of our experts about our Five Valley Fir Reclaimed Paneling and get an estimate, please call (406) 235-7452 or fill out our online contact form.