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Flint Creek Redwod Wall Paneling


With our Flint Creek redwood reclaimed paneling, you can transform your living spaces using lumber sourced directly from Montana's rich history. These boards are colorful, beautiful, weathered with black stained lumber and rescued from decommissioned water flumes that once served the area's mines. All of our Flint Creek reclaimed paneling from mines is authentic and ready for installation anywhere in your home.



  • 1800's (Marcus Daly - Copper King Era)
  • Water Flumes from Georgtown Lake to the Philipsburg Mines


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  • Unique coloring: Panel coloring ranges from almost light to deep reddish-brown and displays black streaking from metal strapping used in it's original days.
  • Different sizes: These old-growth panels come in lengths from 12 to 48 inches and a standard width of 5 inches.
  • One thickness: Our Flint Creek reclaimed wall panels create a smooth profile with a single thickness of 1/2 inch.
  • Natural patina: With almost 150 years of history behind them, these boards have an unmatched natural patina.
  • Per-board pricing: These boards are available in very limited quantities at $12.00 per square foot.

Reclaimed Wall Paneling From 19th Century Montana Mines

After the Civil War, Montana became an epicenter for the mining industry, and it was mining that made the state's first millionaire. During the mid-1880s, the area was booming with mining operations. Gold and silver mines popped up across the region and spurred the development of towns, drawing more settlers to the area. Demand started to drop at the end of the 1870s, but instead of ending the story, this change set the stage for one of the state's most interesting chapters in history.

The invention of the lightbulb created an incredible demand for copper, which kicked off a battle for dominance that spanned three decades. Three industry barons known as the Copper Kings fought for control, and mining operations in the area grew as fast as miners could keep up. Vital to these mines were water flumes — massive wooden chutes used to hold and transport water. When the mines closed down, these chutes were lost to time. Today, they serve another purpose as antique reclaimed wall paneling.

Our Flint Creek redwood reclaimed paneling belonged to a water flume used to transport water from Georgetown Lake to the Philipsburg mines. This reclaimed paneling from mines local to the area is made from old-growth redwood, and each board has features that make it unique. As reclaimed paneling from a water flume, these panels wear their history, displaying beautiful staining from metal straps and streaks from decades worth of valuable minerals pulled from the earth.

Attractive Reclaimed Wall Paneling Made From Old-Growth Redwood

These windows to the past are versatile and perfect for reclaimed ceiling paneling, accent wall paneling and decorating complete rooms or hallways. At Superior Hardwood of Montana, we believe in preserving history, and we keep these boards as close to their original condition as possible. We check for quality, remove nails and make sure they're ready for installation, but we leave the natural weathering produced from years of use on the rugged frontier.

Order Flint Creek Redwood Reclaimed Paneling

This reclaimed wall paneling made from a Montana mine water flume won't last. To get a quote on Flint Creek redwood reclaimed paneling or to place an order, get in touch with us online or call (406) 235-7452.