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Glacier Grainery Wall Paneling


Our Glacier Grainery reclaimed paneling is rough and rugged — just like the people who milled these boards by hand more than 100 years ago. This rustic reclaimed paneling comes from turn-of-the-century grain elevators once used to store large quantities of grain. Today, these panels are something you can use to give any room a link to the past. The boards have varying lengths, widths and tones along with incredible surface character that you can use to create a sophisticated home feature anyone would admire. If you look close, you'll notice the nail patterns still there from how the lumber was originally applied. The original marks add to the historic character many are looking for in reclaimed boards.



Turn of the century graineries


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  • Thickness: All of these panels are milled to a standard 3/8-inch thickness.
  • Size: These panels come 10 to 48 inches long and range from 3 to 9 inches in width.
  • Appearance: Glacier Grainery panels have saw marks, nail holes and checking. The face nail holes provide a unique heavy nail pattern unlike other reclaimed material.
  • Tones: This reclaimed paneling has mid to deep brown with random gold highlights.
  • Price: Call us for pricing on our grainery reclaimed paneling. Please ask about volume or professional discounts.

Reclaimed Paneling From 19th-Century Grain Elevators

The mid-19th century was a time of promise and expansion, pushing many settlers headed west to clear dense forests and develop workable farmland. As the number of farms and farmers increased, producers and merchants needed a more efficient way to store their grain until it could be loaded for shipment to its next destination. Before the grain elevator, workers handled grain in bags and used raw labor to move the bags back and forth. This manual method was a time-consuming and difficult way for someone to make a living.

Things changed forever with the invention of the grain elevator. Dating back to the mid-1800s, these facilities provided farmers and merchants with a dry place to store loose grain in bulk. Processes that used to take days to complete could now be finished in a fraction of the time using fewer workers. In just a few years, grain elevators went up from coast to coast and remained popular for more than 100 years.

Eventually, changes in the grain trade led to the consolidation of the resource, eliminating the need for these towering community landmarks. While some grain elevators caught fire and burned to the ground, many simply closed their doors and awaited demolition. Rather than letting these treasures go under a bulldozer, we rescued their historic lumber and recycled the planks to make rustic reclaimed paneling for your home.

Wide Reclaimed Wall Paneling in Varying Lengths

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, our Glacier Grainery reclaimed paneling comes from wood-cribbed grain elevators, which were made to stand the test of time and often constructed with a mix of brick and local lumber. The planks on these buildings were joined using long nails made from wrought iron, which left distinctive marks after removal. While these planks were impressive when these structures were built, they grew even more spectacular with age, developing a unique and dramatic appearance.

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