August 17, 2015

Hand Hewn Timbers

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Indulge Your Nostalgic Side With Hand Hewn, Architectural Timbers

Need ideas for how to bring the history of hand hewn timbers into your own home? See just a few uses below and click links at bottom of this page to see more information about specific applications.

The innate warmth, beauty, and durability of hand hewn wood evoke a long-ago era. Hand hewn wood relives a time of the frontier life where tough enduring pioneers worked with a sense of community, helping each other harvest and turning quality trees into much needed building materials. These tenacious people often spent days of painstaking labor to produce the finest hewn beams imaginable.

Hand hewn timbers were the backbone and lifeblood of enormous, magnificent buildings. These are the barns and buildings that gave back to our forefathers for generation after generation — housing animals, feed, and machinery that created income for their families and helped secure their survival. Using hand hewn timbers and beams assures we preserve these significant pieces of history to keep the ties to our past alive.

The possibilities are endless to breathe new life into these old treasures. At Superior Hardwoods of Montana we can guide you through the woods — architectural accents for your ceilings, trusses, porches, mantles, benches, or slab siding, the choice is Superior Hardwoods and Millwork of Montana is proud to offer one of the finest selections of hand hewn timbers anywhere.

If hand hewn timbers are are not what you’re looking for, we are pleased to suggest choosing from our vast assortment of “as is” fir timbers with a natural aged appearance in either rough or surfaced. If neither of those is a perfect fit, we can also custom mill timbers and beams to meet your particular specifications.

See just a few uses below and click links to see more information on specific pages.

Exterior Beams
Ceiling Beams
Fireplace Mantels
Interior Siding Slabs
Furniture Applications
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