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Buffalo Jump Antique Oak Reclaimed Flooring


Buffalo Jump antique oak reclaimed flooring is a link to the past. This oak reclaimed hardwood flooring is authentic and rescued from old wooden buildings built over 150 years ago. These planks have a fantastic natural character and added hit-skipping that creates stunning appeal.


Oak from wooden homes, barns, hotels, saloons and other structures common to Old West towns in the mid- to late-1800s


  • Thickness: These reclaimed oak planks all measure a standard 3/4-inch thick with a blackout relief.
  • Size: This oak reclaimed hardwood flooring is as big as the western frontier at 2 to 12 feet long and 3 to 12 inches wide.
  • Appearance: These boards have been hit-skipped with a heavy hand to contrast fresh grain against the aged patina.
  • Tones: This wood has light golden undertones accented by darker streaks and random dark brown knots.
  • Price: Buffalo Jump antique oak reclaimed flooring prices vary per board — Contact us for a quote.

Authentic Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring That Once Built a Nation

In the mid-1850s, towns were popping up all across the Old West. Pioneers, settlers and business magnates took to the trails and rails to reap the benefits of the U.S.'s rich natural resources. The lumber mills and loggers wielding massive two-person saws were doing big business processing the massive old-growth trees along the frontier into workable lumber. They produced planks, siding and timbers and kept them ready for sale to the next wagon train.

When the settlers pulled in, those who knew the value of using a durable hardwood bought the oak and waited for their horse-drawn delivery. Any structures that went up were built by hand and needed to withstand the rain, snow and hot summer sun. The homesteads, barns, courthouses, blacksmiths and other buildings in town were made to last and had breathtaking appeal. People would often stop and admire when they came to town to visit the butcher, bank or general store for supplies.

Life continued like this for years, while the nation grew larger and became more connected. Finally, many old family farms closed, and new buildings replaced the old wooden structures that once made up the busy downtown avenue. To preserve this era's rich history, we rescued the magnificent oak boards once used to build this nation and now offer them to you as elegant oak reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Rugged and Refined Oak Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Buffalo Jump antique oak reclaimed flooring is rugged yet sophisticated with a lighter tone and whispers of past secrets with saw marks. Hit-skipped with a heavier hand, this oak reclaimed hardwood flooring displays more of the natural grain and leaves just a hint of patina. Its light showing of old patina and fresh appearance grain combine to create a perfect and elegant wood floor surface. Buffalo Jump antique oak wood flooring is a flawless combination of rustic and stylish – perfect for your home!

Transform Your Home With Buffalo Jump Antique Oak Reclaimed Flooring

Pay tribute to the spirit of the Old West with our Buffalo Jump antique oak reclaimed flooring. Send us a message and Let Us Guide You Through The Woods®.