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Rift & Quartered White Oak


Treasure State rift and quartered white oak hardwood flooring has unique grain patterns prized for their natural beauty. This wide plank hardwood flooring has rich and natural light to dark brown hues and a striking appearance.


  • Thickness: These planks have been precision milled to a 3/4-inch uniform thickness.
  • Length: Boards come in large sizes from 2 to 10 feet long.
  • Width: We have planks that are 6, 7, 8 and 9 inches wide. Sold in random widths.
  • Finish: This flooring comes in an unfinished state and is ready for the stain or finish of your preference.

What Is Rift and Quartered Wide Plank Flooring?

Traditionally, wide plank hardwood flooring is cut — or milled — using a plain-sawn, rift-sawn or quarter-sawn technique. Plain sawn is the most common method and is used to get the highest number of planks per tree. Long wide plank flooring cut this way has broad and triangular grain patterns often compared to cathedrals. Rift and quartered wide plank flooring involves different milling processes to make it more interesting, attractive and harder to come by.

  • Quarter-sawn white oak hardwood flooring: For quarter-sawn planks, sawyers divide logs into four quarters, starting at the center growth ring and cutting outward. This method puts the saw blade intersecting the grain at a 60- to 90-degree angle for a unique and attractive straight grain pattern. Quarter-sawn wide plank flooring tends to display the most figure and typically features dramatic rays and natural design accents that catch the eye.
  • Rift-sawn white oak hardwood flooring: With rift-cut lumber, sawyers again divide the logs into quarters, but cut the boards from a different angle. For rift cuts, they position the blade perpendicular to the annual growth rings at 30- to 60-degree angles, with 45 degrees being the ideal cut. Rift-sawn hardwood planks are the rarest of all three flooring styles and have a straight, linear grain that provides a clean and consistent look.

With any rift and quartered wide plank flooring, you will get the best design results by combining them to create a random pattern. The combination of rift-cut straight grain and the beautiful, natural rays you'll find in quarter-sawn planks will complement each other for something exciting to look at each time you enter the room. Our rift and quartered wide plank floors are milled in both styles, and we have different lengths and widths available.

The Benefits of Using Oak for Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

White oak is a legendary hardwood used for centuries as high-traffic home flooring. With the right care, these planks can provide a luxurious appearance for decades or more. Oak is stable and has minimal seasonal shifting to minimize gaps and prevent buckling or checking. Rift and quartered wide plank flooring made from oak offers elegant grain patterns and, with excellent staining properties, is a hardwood flooring material you can color to complement your home.

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