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Montana Buckboard Fir Hardwood Flooring


Montana Buckboard wide-plank fir flooring will take you back over 100 years. Our quality rough-sawn hardwood flooring is made from solid wood and produced using old-growth lumber. We put these boards through traditional milling processes to create a rugged surface texture and classic look.


Massive old-growth Douglas fir trees.


  • Appearance: This flooring is made from freshly milled lumber but looks like it's from the past. Planks have a solid profile and visible surface saw marks.
  • Tones: Old-growth Douglas fir typically features light brown, red and yellow tones with darker growth rings.
  • Size: Montana Buckboard Fir comes in massive lengths from 2 to 12 feet. Available board widths range from 4 to 12 inches wide.
  • Thickness: These boards are made from solid old-growth pine and all measure a uniform 3/4-inches thick.
  • Finish: This quality fir flooring is for sale unfinished.
  • Pricing: Contact us for a quote.

Wide Plank Fir Flooring Inspired by the Wild West

One of our most popular flooring options over the past 40 years, Montana Buckboard Fir reminds us of the days when the west was wild, a time of bustling saloons where cowboys reigned supreme. Keep the thread of our American legacy alive with this rugged floor machined through an antique, 60-in. circular saw blade to create an authentic circular sawn floor just like in days gone by.

This wood has an amazing rough texture, which is why so many people buy old-growth fir wood flooring. The color features light reddish-brown tones. Durable Douglas fir features prominent growth rings and slightly lighter sapwood. With visible sound knots, our Montana Buckboard Fir is sure to create the perfect western ambiance.

This casual flowing rough sawn floor will complement any décor. Let the look and feel of this wide plank floor transport you back in time to the days of the wild west. Back to the days when men wore guns, women churned butter and floors were solid, durable walked upon surfaces stamped with life and love.

Why Install Solid Fir Hardwood Flooring?

Douglas fir trees have a long history of building the nation. This tree species is what most people picture when they think of wood floors. It's one of the most abundant lumber sources in the country and also one of the most popular due to its attractive look and superior workability.

While technically a softwood, the timber that these trees produce leans toward the harder side of the scale, making Douglas fir a more-than-suitable option for floors. Boards made from this species offers significant advantages no matter which rooms you want to upgrade:

  • Lasting quality: Floors made from solid Douglas fir are strong, stable and will last for decades — even in high-traffic areas. It is possible to find older homes with fir flooring dating back over 100 years or more that still does the job and looks amazing.
  • Attractive appeal: When it comes to looks, solid fir hardwood flooring is just stunning. These boards offer some of the warmest gold, rose and light-brown tones of any domestic lumber. Planks also typically feature gorgeous natural figuring, random sound knots and uniform wood grain.
  • Simple care: Solid fir hardwood flooring is easy to care for and keep clean. In most cases, simple sweeping and occasional mopping is all you'll need to do. If boards get damaged, it's possible to repair them, saving you the time and cost of replacement.

What Makes Old-Growth Wood Different?

There are so many Douglas fir trees that some grow to become very old. Trees in this species can reach ages exceeding 400 years in the Rocky Mountains and over 1000 on the coast. Trees that old are remarkably different than the younger trees responsible for most of today's lumber supply.

Most trees commercially planted are cultivated for harvest. They undergo accelerated growth that creates wide growth rings, but rings are what make wood strong. The wider growth rings get, the less dense a flooring plank will be. Old growth is the opposite. With this lumber, growth rings are packed together, making these planks a more durable option.

Why Rough-Sawn Douglas Fir Flooring Is a Smart Choice

Paying homage to history isn’t the only reason you should choose our unfinished flooring. Also consider the importance of using high-quality materials for your floors. A floor is a high-traffic area. It will get a lot of wear and tear from kids running on it, pets running across it and all the other fun mayhem that characterizes your everyday life.

This flooring choice isn’t just for homes, but also for commercial applications where the rough tough texture hides wear and tear. You want a flooring option that will stand up not only to time, but grow more appealing with each and every passing day.

Get Pricing on Our Old-Growth Wide-Plank Fir Flooring

Are you ready to explore the options for new flooring? Contact us today to learn more about our quality fir flooring for sale and the other species we carry, and our kind and helpful employees will get you a quote. We’ll take your unique home situation into account and find the options that will best suit your needs.