September 8, 2015

Beartooth Hickory Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

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Beartooth Hickory Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Beartooth Hickory Unfinished Flooring

From the first time Lewis and Clark encountered a grizzly bear on their westward expedition, the animal has been revered for its fierce determination and strength. We greatly admire these qualities, which the pioneers of the Wild West also embodied as they settled a new land.

Inspired by the strength and majestic beauty of the famous grizzly bear, our Beartooth Hickory is machined through an antique, 60-in. saw blade to replicate a circular sawn look of early milling. Pioneers immediately recognized the resilience and indestructibility of this striking wood and used it in many applications.

The old-growth Hickory flooring we offer today pays homage to that time in our nation’s past when grizzly bears roamed and pioneers explored in their covered wagons. We admire the strength and resilience of our great forefathers, and we want our flooring to reflect that time when grit and determination helped build up our gorgeous nation. This unfinished Hickory hardwood flooring provides that link to our past to remind us that we should be striving to honor our American legacy.

Finding the Right Rustic Hickory Flooring

We have a wide range of unfinished options. Every piece of our wood is different, and when you put them all together, they tell a wonderful story. With its wide variations in color from blonds to deep russet tones and a delicate balance of sound knots and natural checking, Beartooth Hickory is sure to create the perfect western ambience in your home or commercial setting.

Beyond the connection to history, our wood flooring is also a smart option for other reasons. We strive to produce little to no waste in our manufacturing and installation processes. We believe we have a duty to our past and future to be environmentally responsible.

We also offer a friendly and informative staff who will work with you to find the right options for your home. Building and remodeling can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. We’ll walk you through the steps so that you feel comfortable with, and also excited about, your choices.

Get Unfinished Hickory Flooring Prices Today

We are eager to discuss the costs for your old growth Hickory flooring today. Contact us to get a quote and an overview of all our unfinished products today. $8.00 – $10.95 per square foot (Call for bulk pricing.)


Pricing: $8.00 – $10.95
Face Widths: 4″-8″
Lengths: 2′-12′ (average length 5′-10′)
Thickness: ¾”
Finish: Unfinished
Profile: Solid