Virginia City Barn Siding


Virginia City Barnsiding will take you back to a different era. This siding is 100% reclaimed and hand-rescued from the old horse corrals once common to Western towns and homesteads. Today, you can use this historic wood paneling to transform the exterior of your home. It comes in attractive gray tones developed over years of natural exposure, and we have multiple board sizes available.


Reclaimed barn siding consisting of pine and fir preserved from horse corrals.


  • Size: Board length varies from 4 to 16 feet long. Board widths of 4, 6, 10 and 12 inches are available - the most common sizes are 8 and 10 inch.
  • Thickness: These boards have an original 2-inch thickness resawn to boards 3/4-inches to 7/8-inches thick.
  • Tones: This siding comes in a diverse range of aged grays ranging from a light silver-gray to darker charcoal tones.
  • Appearance: Virginia City Barnsiding has a rugged, weathered look, a natural patina and holes from old nails and bolts.
  • Pricing: This reclaimed barn siding is available by the board-foot (BF). Prices will vary by board and range from $6/BF to $9/BF.

Reclaimed Barn Siding From a Different Time

Horse corrals aren't widespread today, but there was a time when they were an established part of any settled land. Corrals provide a flexible space for horses and other livestock and include permanent and temporary holding areas. A corral was essential for anyone working the land and part of any community home to a livestock auction or horse trader. Fortunately, there were ample resources available back then for people to build everything they needed.

When settlers established a post or staked a claim on a new piece of land, they used the trees available in the local area. They also selected those that were most workable to reduce the time, tools and effort necessary to complete the work. Indigenous pine and other softwoods provided the perfect building materials. To this day, these softwoods are an abundant lumber source that ages well and wears the marks of life on the surface for everyone to see.

Authentic Wood Siding From Old Corrals

Generations relied on these corrals for decades, but few of the originals exist today. Whether taken down in the name of progress or replaced by new structures made from modern materials, most classic horse corrals are gone. To find the last holdouts, you have to look for farms off the beaten path, historic ranches and the ghost towns that still stand in remote locations.

At Superior Hardwoods of Montana, we've given these pieces of history a second purpose as reclaimed barn siding that you can install on the side of your home. Our reclamation teams selected these boards during removal to ensure the best look and quality. Outside of preservation and checking them for any nails, bolts or splinters, they look the same as they did out in the field.

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