September 7, 2015

Garnet Grey Barnsiding – Reclaimed Wood Siding

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Garnet Grey Reclaimed Wood Siding

Garnet Grey Reclaimed Wood Siding

Weathered barnsiding brings a piece of history into your home or project. Barnsiding shows effects of the elements including the effects of the pounding sun over the course of many, many years. Barnsiding is a perfect choice for any buyer looking to create a unique living space that brings the rustic west to life once again. Choose the Garnet Grey Barnsiding to transform any building project into a vision of the past – the rugged, Wild West frontier town.

Antique Grey Barnwood Siding for Sale

When many people think of barnsiding, they think of red. That’s a beautiful color and a popular selection. But for those looking for something unique, our grey barnwood siding has been reclaimed from farms that stayed with a more neutral tone.

The wood has been shaped and worn by weather over the years, giving it a wonderfully distressed look. Small imperfections dot the wood, such as nail holes and knots that formed on the original barnsiding. We look at these as a piece of history you can carry into your home.

Go Green With Grey Barnwood Siding for Sale

Another benefit to buying our antique siding is the environmental aspect. When you purchase reclaimed materials, you’re saving them from being discarded and creating waste. Years ago, everyone in the Wild West reused things diligently. They didn’t call it recycling – they just considered that common sense.

Today, whenever you can give a second life to any product, it’s a win for the earth, your budget and your home. You’ll love the unique look you get with our barnwood siding. No two pieces are the same, because they’ve been exposed to different elements over the years. That adds to the wonderful backstory of your new flooring.

Get a Quote on Grey Reclaimed Barnwood Siding Today

Our friendly and helpful staff can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our siding. We’ve employed all of them at our family-owned company for at least six years, so they draw on a wealth of accumulated knowledge. Contact us today to discuss your home and what we can do for you!

Widths: 6″-12″
Lengths: 6′-12′
Thickness: 11/16″-7/8″